Here are a few of the ways our heroine Qing Qing of Accidentally in Love is such a boss:

She dances when she is happy

She teases when he is jealous

She kung-fu high-kicks when he is in need of traning

She is not afraid to have her emotions on full display

She knows what she wants and demands it when she wants it

Credit to @jenmole for the GIFs!
Where to watch and synopsis in “REPLY”


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    More and more episodes are also slowly becoming available on your garden variety back alley sites.

    If you are like me whose brain is mush at the end of the day and all you want to gnaw on is fluffy sweetness, Accidentally in Love might be your pancakes for dinner. This C-drama may logic fail you countless time (countless because arithmetic is challenging for my tired brain), but whatya gonna do? I am so in love with this drama puppy that a second is all it takes for me to forgive all the boo boo it makes accidentally.

    The heroine Qing Qing is an absolute boss who not only has 1 but 2 (or is it 3? Again, counting is fruitless in my state) hidden identities. A beautiful chaebol heiress raised by an overprotective grandfather, she sets off on her quest to find out more about her parents’ deaths by camouflaging herself adorably with thick rim glasses and painted freckles in their college alma mater (or is it high school, again, puppy I forgive you for peeing on my logic carpet.) Qing Qing is assigned as the desk partner of the most popular guy at school who is also an idol with popularity as adorably outsized as his ears (adorable threat alert! just like everything else in this drama.) Through her quest she rules the black market snack ring, take the snap out of the mean girls, and successfully tutors our hero, yes, math (win for learning!)

    Adorableness lasts 30 episodes with each episode is a breezy 30 minutes. Recommendation of skipping Ep. 26 & 27 for some uncharacteristic anti-adorable angst.


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    Honey Butter Chips and Toblerone ❀️!!!