As if the episodes aren’t enough to kill and melt us… OMG their off-cam chemistry is just as swoon worthy LOL


    I love how he still tries to be super respectful of her space irl behind the scenes, because she’s a few years older


    Why are guys doing this to me. I can’t I can’t. I can’t.
    I need to know what they are saying. Why is she biting his forearms.


    Sigh… Do I want to be nice and translate the vid for everyone?? 😅😅


      Yes please many thanks!!!! 😍



        – Reading the script:

        0:06 – 0:09, Xing Fei: “…fluttered and suddenly pushed Gu Wei Yi onto the couch” [Caption: An opportunity has arrived]
        0:19 [Caption: The first flutter]
        0:24 [Caption: The second flutter]
        0:25 *can’t make out the full caption but it says something like [Caption: begging *something something* begging for a hug]
        0:34, Xing Fei: “Hair-touching fetish *turns to Lin Yi* “Do you want to mess up my hair? Don’t touch it so much”
        0:40, [Caption, her side, general meaning: Messed up hair, there will be blood/ Caption, his side: The [hair]style cannot be messed]
        0:43, Xing Fei: “1, 2, 3 go!”
        0:45, Xing Fei: “Slower, slower!”

        – Running lines, practicing:

        0:51, Xing Fei: “I’ll go get you a cup of water”
        0:53- 0:55, Lin Yi: “I don’t want it” (Literally, “I’m not going to drink it”)
        0:56, [Caption, on her side: Meticulously looking at the script]
        0:59, Lin Yi: “I don’t want it”
        1:03: [Caption, on her side: Xing ‘Charm’ smiles]
        1:04, Xing Fei: “Are you sure you’re drunk?”
        1:07 – 1:08, Lin Yi: “I… I… I… I’m sure”
        1:10 – 1:13 , Xing Fei: “I’ll ask you one last time– are you sure you’re drunk?”
        1:18: [Caption above Lin Yi: changed to good behaviour in a millisecond]
        1:20, Lin Yi: “I’m not [drunk]”
        1:25 – 1:27, Xing Fei: “Say it… say it”
        1:29, Lin Yi: “Say what…?”
        1:31 – 1:37, Xing Fei: “Say why you didn’t tell me that you’re going to Germany with Xie Yu Lin”…. *smiles” “…Together…” “Tell me why you didn’t tell me about going to Germany with Xie Yu Lin”
        1:44, Lin Yi: “I told you”

        1:49, giant & gross panda meme: [Caption: “As long as you’re happy”]

        – “Gwiyomi” starts:

        1:50 – 1:55: [Caption: carefully approaching]
        1:55: [Caption on her side: concentrating]
        1:57 – 1:58: [Lin Yi’s speech bubble: cough cough]

        1:59: [Caption, black screen, white letters: SWEETNESS OVERLOAD INCOMING]

        2:09, Lin Yi: “I’ll shift over a little bit”
        2:12: [Capton on her side: Hugging again]

        2:13: [Caption, black screen, white letters: A LITTLE TASTE OF SUGAR]

        2:16 – 2:21, Lin Yi: *puts out arm* “Why don’t you bite me?” *Xing Fei chomps down* “I haven’t showered yet!”
        2:24: [Gross ‘panda’ meme: A tasty reality]
        2:29: [Pink caption: heart hurts], Xing Fei: *frown* “Why aren’t you stopping the bite?”

        2:46, Lin Yi: “[My] hand is oily”