Beanie level: Loan shark with a heart of gold

Kim JongMin, 1n2d hidden genius 🤗😆


    @dee23 I didn’t see your post before making mine 😅,
    several posts = KJM’s wisdom approved ? 😂


1n2d latest ep
Had some good laughs, nearly choked on my food when JongMin’s score was announced 😅
SeYoon was missed like last week
…but that trailer for next week, they’re so dressed up 😎😍


    Everyone looks so pretty! But why did Dindin have to make that gesture with the umbrella… am suddenly reminded of a concierge ><


The Devil Wears Jung Nam
Catching up little by little with that Na PD YT show
Fashion isn’t my cup of tea but I enjoy that little show 🙂
Crayfish PD came and asked for a bad guy look 😮😆
It was also funny when he argued a little with Na PD about who had the best style between them (while they’re on the same level for Jung Nam 😂)


    Love this episode! The argument between the two PD was as funny as it was useless, LOL. Not so sure whether the end result really suits his personality, but at least he (and his crew) is happy with it…


Folk Us 포커스
Time to say goodbye to that show 🙁
I got to know it and started it for the exact same reason why I watched SuperBand back then.
I couldn’t help comparing the two shows sometimes, and overall I enjoyed SuperBand more but Folk Us had its charm too ^^.
I had to be resourceful to live watch this show not subbed and not available on usual sites I use for variety show, so for others I’d rather advise to watch the perf on Mnet’s YT channel.
I enjoyed the judges’ reactions and comments, understood maybe 5% of it …thanks drama watching 😂.
I was really glad about who the winner was (not spoiling it) 🙂 .

Final episode surprised me when the semi-final contestants came back and covered a song of each judges and then sang all together with Park Hak Gi (one of the judges), loved their idea 🥰


    I liked the (few) clips of SuperBand I watched, but I immediately like Folk Us more because it’s got women in it!!! Thank goodness they didn’t mess up with this show on that count.




Youn\’s stay ep1-2
So glad they made a new season,a bit different though since they\’re staying in Korea
Loving WooShik addition to the cast, that\’s no surprise after liking him in Summer Vacation 🙂
However I was a bit worried with Yumi wearing a bandage 🙁


    Saw it too. So proud of her cooking. She’s really improved a lot. They look exhausted on the first night 😔


      she improved a lot and gained confidence 🙂
      they were so tired and then so happy hearing the cancellation news x)


    The happiness of late watching is binging two episodes in one go, yea ><
    Hope they explain about the finger, it's amazing she has no problem cooking with it.


I live alone ep378

it was nice to see YunHo again 🙂
this guy tries so hard , I kinda lost my energy watching him danced again and again at 5am 😧
as usual we also see YunHo the philosopher ^^


    The man who said “One Piece is not just a manga.” I have full trust in this guy lol


    What a lovely way to think about worries, and it strikes me as such a healthy mindset. I’d like to start viewing my worries in this way.🙂 Thank you for sharing – I’m writing this one down!!


Went through some of my gifs
Found that one I never posted
I’ll post it for whoever needs it (myself included)

(credits Nell Lullaby


it’s a bit cold lately,
winter bgm 🥶😅🤗


catching up with my variety shows
1n2d s4e54
when they read fans post its, the bgm got me
this song always got me “ajikdo” 💞


Happy New Year Beanies 🙂
it’s nice to be back ^^

May 2021 be a brighter year and allow us to realize things we want to accomplish

Sharing one of my fav’ tracks : “Summer” by Joe Hisaishi 💝


Last post before going on a DB hiatus in a few days

Looking back at 2019’s end, we wondered what 2020 and the new decade would look like :
2020 became a harsh proof that reality is more makjang than dramas 😞

Not sharing a carol but this classic song

Since we’re somehow reaching 2020’s end, I hope that we’ll take a deep breath, pat ourselves on the back and say “you did a good job”.

Wishing you Beanies a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year in advance 🙂 ,
I don’t know if my hopes for my year-end celebrations will be granted, but for sure those celebrations will be different for everyone compared to the last few years.
However, despite them being different, I hope your celebrations will still be joyful and warm like this heat-resistant snowman 🙃

See you sometime in January 😘,
take care Beanies and all the best for 2021 !


    Merry Christmas and Happy new year to you, too.
    May your wishes come true ✨🌟


    All the best to you too! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🙂


    Happy Christmas and New Year, @kudo ran! Have a good break and see you again in a brighter (*fingers crossed*) 2021! :o)


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance to you! Thank you fro the reminder of how good we’ve been at living our lives amidst all the challenges. I did a good job. You surely did a good job. And I’m sure all Beanies did a good job for the soon-to-be past year.

    Have a great holiday! 😊


    Happy Holidays Kudo!


    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 😀


    Oh, I missed you! I knew you’d take a hiatus because I remember you doing this around the holidays but I came a little late!

    I wish you happy holidays, Kudo. I don’t know what the situation is in your country, whether the lockdown is over, whether you’ll be able to see your family, whether you’ll have to celebrate it alone, I just wish you’ll be happy in whatever way you spend your Christmas, and remember to be kind to yourself because you deserve it, you made it through such a tough year, you did good!

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
    I’ll see you whenever you’re back!


      lockdown was over so I spent my holidays with my family 🙂 , but we’re still under curfew
      (… with hints of a 3rd lockdown if things get too worse :/ )

      thank you for your message 🙂 , I missed you too 😘 , will check your wall and more of the fanwall this weekend or next week

      also thank you for your upvotes and replies, I got 53 notifications ^^’ <3

      Hoping you celebrated well , happy new year Azzo, wishing you all the best 💝


Seems like I still get annoyed by stupid things,
but hey listening to this song (which is my go to song for too much frustration time)
I only discover today it’s actually based on a traditional Korean song that was also remade in The Second Moon & Song SoHee collaboration album I often listen to
…so thank you frustration ?! 😅

Nell – 사는게 니나노 (Living is Ninano) with lyrics, credits for the gif

두번째 달, 송소희 – 태평가

I’ll just stare at that gif for future frustration time


Wow need to save it on my wall 🥰


Kudo’s books & audiobooks year-end review 🤓
(review in comments)

I’d like to thank again the Beanies who gave me book recommendations back then during the Love, February 🥰
Any reco’ is welcome 🙂

I listed the books I read this year and gave them a rating with some information
It’s organized by reading / listening chronological order for books and audiobooks,
I sometimes had a book and an audiobook ongoing at the same time ^^
I’ve made such a good use of my library card 😎

Audiobooks were the nice discovery of 2020, if it wasn’t for the audiobook format I would have never got to know some of the stories 😅


    – my reviews are not even 1% of the quality of some books so please excuse me and don’t judge a book by my review hehe
    – spoilers alert

    Don’t mind the titles in French it’s useless for most Beanies but this is very useful to me since some titles aren’t literal translations

    @azzo1 & @snarkyjellyfish tagging you since you’ll recognize some of your reco’ below


    Books 1/3
    ▪️ The Night Circus (Le Cirque des Rêves) by Erin Morgenstern
    The story was magical, romantic, mesmerizing : just lovely !
    Recommendation rating 5/5 , keywords : magicians, love story

    ▪️ What Alice Forgot (A la recherche d’Alive Love) by Liane Moriarty
    It was such a nice use of amnesia trope compared to dramaland !
    I liked the characters and how we follow the characters stories dealing with different social issues.
    There are other Liane Moriarty books below, overall I’d say her books can be like a funny and thoughtful rom-com with some hints of more serious subjects.
    Recommendation rating 5/5 , keywords : humor , nice balance between serious and funny moments

    ▪️ Persuasion (Persuasion) by Jane Austen
    Liked the story, the heroine…and the love letter omo omo might have swooned a bit too much
    Recommendation rating 5/5 , keywords : Well we can’t go wrong with Jane Austen, right ? 😋

    ▪️ Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine (Eleanor Oliphant va très bien) by Gail Honeyman
    Following the heroine journey to trust people and have more of a social life while also getting to know her painful past and how she overcomes it.
    A story that made me laugh a lot but also hurt my heart before healing it.
    Recommendation rating 5/5 , keywords : inspirational, lovely, finding oneself and trusting others

    ▪️ Truly Madly Guilty (Un peu, beaucoup, à la folie) by Liane Moriarty
    We got hints throughout the story about an accident that occured a few months before which changed the characters life ,
    we also see how they’re dealing with the consequences afterwards
    Recommendation rating 4/5 , keywords : a little less good than What Alice Forgot but still a nice ride


    Books 2/3
    ▪️ Howl’s Moving Castle (Le château de Hurle) by Diana Wynne Jones
    The book that inspired Ghibli’s Howl’s moving castle, a book I wanted to read for years,
    it turns out there are two different stories with the same characters and some things in common.
    Loved the storytelling, the humor, the conception of magic and the world building : destabilizing and refreshing
    Recommendation rating 5/5 , keywords : magic, humor, relatable characters

    ▪️ Charmed Life [Chrestomanci series] (Ma sœur est une sorcière) by Diana Wynne Jones
    So this is a children book but the sister was a villain that enjoy being bad, at such a young age,
    it shocked me and I wondered if reading children book as an adult made me see things I wouldn’t have noticed before 😅
    Like Howl’s Moving Castle, Diana Wynne Jones has such an original approach to magic, loved the introduction to the Chrestomanci universe and series
    Recommendation rating 4/5 , keywords : parallel universes, magic, (evil sister that creeped me out lol)

    ▪️ The Lives of Christopher Chant [Chrestomanci series] (Les neuf vies du magicien) by Diana Wynne Jones
    My favorite of the Chrestomanci series , the story, the humor, the adventures : so much love for it ^^
    Recommendation rating 5/5 , keywords : parallel universes, magic, magician with 9 lives

    ▪️ The Magicians of Caprona [Chrestomanci series] (Les magiciens de Caprona) by Diana Wynne Jones
    The Chrestomanci only appears a few times 🙁
    This was like Romeo & Juliet story between 2 magicians families
    Recommendation rating 3/5 , keywords : not as original as The Lives of Christopher Chant, it really felt like a children book compared to the other ones 😅

    ▪️ All the Birds in the Sky (Tous les oiseaux du ciel) by Charlie Jane Anders
    I’ve borrowed it since I wanted to read some SF again and this one was recommended at my library.
    SF written nowadays so it includes smartphones and co. It was such a change for me since I was used to the traditional SF (e.g. by Isaac Asimov).
    The storytelling was a bit all over the place, the story wasn’t that well wrapped up , a bit of a disappointment since this book won awards
    Recommendation rating 2/5 , keywords : magic meets AI


      I love Howl’s Moving Castle. 🙃


        I didn’t know there was a book LOL


          there are other Ghibli movies inspired from books like EarthSea , Arrietty or When Marnie was there, I hope I could read them all one day since I liked the movies 🙂


    Books 3/3
    ▪️ Black Water Lilies (Nymphéas noirs) by Michel Bussi
    I wanted to read a crime novel and I was served with a very nice novel with Claude Monet’s paintings as background.
    I was a tiny bit upset by the reveal at the end.
    Recommendation rating 4.5/5 , keywords : gripping, intertwined stories, impressionism

    ▪️ Castle in the Air (Le château des nuages) by Diana Wynne Jones
    I liked the courtesies in use in the fictional country : they were so exuberant they sounded so fake and funny 😂.
    It was a pleasure to see again some characters of Howl’s Moving Castle.
    Recommendation rating 4/5 , keywords : humor, magic, fake courtesies, many many princesses 😆

    ▪️ Jane Austen’s letters to her nieces (Du fond de mon coeur Lettres à ses nièces) by Jane Austen
    This is a French letters collection with some annotations about the family member relationships and contemporary history, but I don’t know if there is an equivalent in English.
    It is a quick read and so heartwarming : one of my fav’ this year.
    Recommendation rating 5/5 , keywords : Jane Austen as a caring aunt : a delight !

    ▪️ All the Light We Cannot See (Toute la lumière que nous ne pouvons voir) by Anthony Doerr
    Following two teens during the Second World War : the story was gripping, sad, inspirational, heartbreaking and heartwarming : one of my fav’.
    Recommendation rating 5/5 , keywords : a book that won awards and totally deserves them

    ▪️ Witch Week [Chrestomanci series] (La chasse aux sorciers) by Diana Wynne Jones
    I liked the humor and the fact that we followed many characters, the Chrestomanci only appears at the end but the resolution was a nice one
    Recommendation rating 4/5 , keywords : humor, a witch hunt with a happy end

    ▪️ Conrad’s Fate [Chrestomanci series] (Le destin de Conrad) by Diana Wynne Jones
    This is a sequel set in another universe and three or five years after “The Lives of Christopher Chant”, I was glad to see Christopher and Millie 🙂 .
    I liked Conrad the main character and the duo they made with Christopher.
    The story was funny and interesting with a nice humor as usual.
    Recommendation rating 5/5 , keywords : parallel universes, magic, infuriating but reliable Christopher, many domestic servants


    Audiobooks 1/2
    (The audiobooks rating is for both the story appreciation and the audiobook experience.)

    ▪️ The Lord of the Rings trilogy (la trilogie du Seigneur des anneaux) by J.R.R. Tolkien
    I haven’t read the books yet, only watched the movies years ago, thought of audiobooks as a way to get to know the original story.
    The reader was Thierry Janssen and he’s one of the best audiobook reader out of the ones I listened to !
    It was a bit confusing at first since it’s based on the latest translation where they change some of the characters names 😅
    Recommendation rating 4.5/5 , keywords : a classic, different voices for each character : a treat !

    ▪️ Lady Susan (Lady Susan) by Jane Austen
    I’ve read this story years ago , it’s not my favorite of her stories but it benefits a lot from the audiobook format.
    Being read by several actors made the story much more lively !
    Recommendation rating 4/5 , keywords : a short and enjoyable audiobook

    ▪️ Big Little Lies (Petits secrets, grands mensonges) by Liane Moriarty
    Liane Moriarty again hehe, I really like her writing style ^^.
    I was looking forward knowing the truth in this story but was worried for some characters. I liked how she wrapped up the story.
    Recommendation rating 4/5 , keywords : some difficult topics balanced with Lian Moriarty humor as usual

    ▪️ The Hobbit (Le Hobbit) by J.R.R. Tolkien
    Audiobooks became my way to “read” classic books. I’ve read the book years ago, was glad to listen to it again ^^.
    Recommendation rating 3.5/5 , keywords : a nice ride but not the best I’ve read this year

    ▪️ The Pillars of the Earth (Les Piliers de la Terre) by Ken Follett
    This is my favorite audiobook of this year, I’ve borrowed it just because and wow it was my first historical novel and I loved it a lot.
    I hated the bad guy , this is set in Middle Age so his actions were terrible : not some mother-in-law dramaland level
    Recommendation rating 5/5 , keywords : gripping story about the construction of a cathedral


      You listened to the whole of Lord of the Rings??? Wow. I’ve read the books a few times but I like going at a fast pace.

      I watched most of Andy Serkis’ live stream reading THE HOBBIT earlier this year… 12 hours! He did the voices really well, as expected. Here are the last two hours:


        yep at normal speed and while jigsaw puzzling 😉 ,
        I just check audible website the total trilogy = 58 hours (it’s in the same league as War & Peace below ^^’)


    Audiobooks 2/2
    ▪️ Anna Karenina (Anna Karénine) by Leo Tolstoy
    If it wasn’t for the audiobook format, I would have dropped the book.
    I couldn’t warmed up to the heroine at all. The side characters were more interesting and I felt like I got a history lesson about Russian agriculture (lol).
    I really appreciated Tolstoy’s writing, especially his pedagogical comparisons to explain the characters feelings or reactions.
    (The musical break before starting a new part of the book was a very catchy waltz, loved it a lot)
    Recommendation rating 2.5/5 , keywords : female lead I couldn’t warmed up to

    ▪️ The Odyssey (L’Odyssée) by Homer
    Was disappointed by some of the actions of Odysseus (Ulysse)
    Recommendation rating 3/5 , keywords : a classic but felt a bit dragging

    ▪️ The Divine Comedy (La Divine Comédie) by Dante Alighieri
    I was curious about this classic book, wouldn’t have read it but audiobook made a way.
    It was so long , too many tortures descriptions and so on, it’s set in hell so I should have expected that.
    I’ll just wait for Along with the Gods 3 for a pleasant movie set in hell 🙃
    Recommendation rating 2/5 , keywords : wondering if some of you have read the book until the end

    ▪️ Death on the Nile (Mort sur le Nil) by Agatha Christie
    A detective novel with Hercule Poirot one of my fav’ characters ever, I remembered some things but it was still a nice ride.
    Recommendation rating 4/5 , keywords : Hercule Poirot

    ▪️ War and Peace (Guerre et Paix) by Leo Tolstoy
    4 books – 52 hours in total (I’m at half of the third book)
    I love having many characters to follow and being able to enjoy a long ride (like some historical dramas I’ve watched this year, it’s comparable in terms of hours hehe)
    I also appreciate Tolstoy’s reflections about different subjects, it’s like a free lecture.
    Recommendation rating 4/5 , keywords : a long ride with many characters, Napoleon making some cameos 😆


      Looks like you’ve used your time well! So many classics! Maybe I should try audiobooks to get back into reading.

      I’ve read the whole INFERNO, but I got bored by the rest of Dante’s Divine Comedy. For me much of the appeal comes from the poetry in the original Italian, and the fact that each torture is related to a sin. It’s like a mix of religion, Greco-Roman mythology and medieval history. I think Odysseus is in the eighth circle of Hell right? The deepest circle of Hell is where the traitors are. Dante considers betrayal the worst sin, committed by Satan, Judas Iscariot and Brutus.

      I don’t think you will find a pleasant movie set in Hell though…


        “Looks like you’ve used your time well” …two lockdowns happened ^^’ .
        My reading speed is quite slow so if it wasn’t for audiobooks, those classics would have stayed unknown to me ^^’.

        “I’ve read the whole INFERNO” Wow that’s impressing ! I appreciated the “mix of religion, Greco-Roman mythology and medieval history” , each sin being depicted like you said but it was a lot of suffering to listen to x) .
        I’m a scaredy cat , zombie movies and co aren’t my cup of tea but while listening to the Divine Comedy, I often thought of “Along with the Gods” and how I enjoyed it since there were parts set in hell…but not the whole movie *phew*


      In Italy we have to study The Divine Comedy. Almost all the chapters, verse by verse. And after the Inferno, it really gets boring and tiring…


    Wow!! Thanks for sharing! I’m so inspired by how much you’ve read (and listened to) this year. I am also a huge Hercule Poirot fan. :o) I find Agatha Christie’s writing very comforting.

    Just out of curiosity, did you read all of these books in the French translation? I really enjoyed seeing some of the differences in the French and English titles (like Le Cirque des Rêves is so much better, whilst the translation is completely different for Charmed Life). I find those translation decisions very intriguing, and would love to know how it was decided. I have similar thoughts when reading subtitles in k-dramas, where the same word is translated in many different ways depending on the situation, and how a word or short phrase can have many layers. (And this is just from a very, very limited knowledge of Korean language…)


      All books and audiobooks were in French ’cause it’s easier to follow the stories in my mother tongue ^^
      …while all my dramas and variety shows were in Korean, Chinese or Japanese subbed in English (I gave up French subtitles many years ago, they have such a long~ delay 😆).

      It took me some time to find the English titles to write this review ^^’ , Google friend helped a lot.
      We depend on the subs and their quality but after some time, you get to understand the culture and grasp the situation better (but I still need my subs hehe)


        Oh wow, so you have to watch kdramas whilst reading English subtitles? I mean, you come across as fluent, so maybe it’s not a big deal, but I find that so impressive! I feel very grateful for people who do the subbing – it seems that on Viki, the subs are done by volunteers? (Or maybe I’ve misunderstood!) It’s no easy task, as it’s so much more than straight up literal translation.

        I read in a post from today that there’s a beanie who watches w Korean subs sometimes, to practice the Hangul and reading that they’ve learned. I might have to try that for an episode that I’m familiar with to see how I get on!

        Thanks for all that extra work to include the English titles. I really really enjoyed seeing the differences. :o)


          “you come across as fluent” oh thank you 🙂
          I often have a tab open to check some translations before posting on DB , though ^^’
          Very grateful too towards the ones providing us subtitles !
          I think they are a lot of other Beanies who also do that : watching with English subtitles despite it not being their mother tongue.


    Kudo, I’m so happy that you loved all the books I recommended, they got high ratings, mostly 5/5, especially The Night Circus (It being my favorite), YAY!

    Liane Moriarty does have such a good way of pulling you in, her writing seems so simple but relatable at the same time and I love her humour!

    Persuasion is one of my all-time favorite, can’t say more!
    Eleanor Oliphant is a journey of healing, I always put it that way when recommending it, it hurts but makes you happy too.

    And you read All The Lights We Cannot See, this broke my heart so bad.. I’m still really not over Werner, but all worth it!


      “The Night Circus” played a huge role since it was the first book of the “let’s read again” journey ^^ , then the other ones kept the journey going on 🙂
      if you have any reco’ , please feel free to drop some (hoping all or at least a few of them will be available at my library ^^)


Writing the year-end review made me rewatch a few videos 😅
saving one of them here
I just loved that little scene of Fan SiZhe
he’s the harmless little brother just loving a bit too much money 😂


    I loved Kevin Guo Qi Lin as one of the new cast members of the Cvariety show “Great Escape”, alongside Deng Lun 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂


      I loved him in Great Escape and DengLun was my fav’ ^^ , can’t wait for s3 (please be subbed !!!)

      I’m waiting for his show called My heroic husband, seems like it’s going to be funny ^^
      (hoping it’ll get subbed when it’s airing)


        I managed to get my sister hooked to S2 of “Great Escape” and rewatched it with her on YouTube while she did her first watch 👌🏻👌🏻 Hopefully things will be okay and that S3 will be able to film on time. The estimated filming is to be around late-May/early-July of 2021, then the first episode will air sometime mid-July 2021… Cvariety shows run on a live-shoot system, where the episodes will typically air 2 weeks after it finishes filming, which gives the production crew time to do a good editing job but get the episodes to air as quick as possible, too, and then get a quick financial return, which is based on tv ratings, online trending (hashtags on Weibo, the China equivalent of a Twitter x Facebook mashup), online views, etc.

        Guo Qilin definitely has a good sense of comedic timing 😉 Depending on who picks it up for broadcast, I’m sure it will eventually end up on YouTube and get subbed 👍🏻👍🏻


          assa~ 😀 !
          thanks for the info 😘, seems like Cvariety shows airing date is more sure than Cdrama airing date😅(it’s always surprising me when AvenueX talks about dramas filmed years ago but not aired yet 😬)


    Oh gosh I remember this scene! It’s such a great show! I stopped watching, I don’t know why. I should get back to it!


      I loved Joy of Life, it has such a nice balance between serious moments and funny moments and that until the end, it’s one of my fav’ historical dramas ^^ !


Kudo’s 2020 drama/variety show year-end review 🤩
(review in comments)

In a nutshell :
total in 2020: 4 K-drama, 16 K-variety show, 2 Tw-drama, 1 J-drama, 12 C-drama, 1 C-variety show

1st half of 2020: 3 K-drama, 6 K-variety show, 1 Tw-drama, 0 J-drama, 9 C-drama, 0 C-variety show
2nd half of 2020: 1 K-drama, 10 K-variety show, 1 Tw-drama, 1 J-drama, 3 C-drama, 1 C-variety show

the link for the review for the 1st half of 2020

and below the review for the 2nd half of 2020
(please excuse the remaining typos)


    [A-G] = Azzo Guide, tried to write it according to what I think @azzo1 will like or not
    (if you have similar preferences it’s also your guide lol)


    ▪️ Forest of secrets 2
    This season was a drama of a great quality in dramaland standards. However I did not enjoy it as much as s1 and felt a bit deceived when it ended with hints for s3.
    One of the reasons I started watching dramas was to avoid multiple seasons show…
    Lee KyuHyung cameo surprised me so much, it hurt a bit though but loved it a lot.
    [A-G]: you’re busy and don’t have time to watch a lot of dramas…I’d recommend to watch only s1 and leave s2 for when s3 will come out (maybe you’ll be less busy by then haha)


      You know I only finished 2 dramas this whole year, one being Hospital Playlist.. the other being Signal and that with SNG and we finished it this week (He liked it btw, so YAY!!!) .. Didn’t complete Forest (sorry not sorry Oppa) and thinking of starting Forest of Secret now that he’s open to watching Kdramas, got to get him hooked! LOL!


        I started Hospital Playlist but wasn’t in the mood for it ^^’, will watch it one day

        oh YAY you both liked it 😀 !!!!
        hoping you’ll watch more and more dramas with him 🙂 (and variety shows of course !)


    K-variety show 1/2
    ▪️ Youn’s Kitchen S2
    It was such a nice ride, that warmed my heart 🤗 , I gave it a perfect rating.
    [A-G]: You already know it 😋

    ▪️ Summer vacation
    I enjoyed the slow pace and the general vibe of the show 🤗:
    vacation time between relaxation, trying new hobbies and some healthy dishes.
    Choi WooShik was the nice surprise of the show : I liked his humor & clumsiness, his attempts at cooking were funny but also rewarding.
    (having watched Youn’s Kitchen S2 & Summer vacation , I’m ready for Youn’s Kitchen S3 next year 🙂 )
    [A-G]: it has got a few flaws but it’s very nice overall

    ▪️ Grandpas Over Flowers S3-5
    It’s such a nice, relaxing, heartwarming and funny show 🤗
    (but also with some realistic view on life from those Grandpas)
    They each have their qualities and flaws, different styles but that didn’t prevent them from being friends for decades 🙂
    I liked all seasons, some more than others (in preference order s1,s5,s4,s2,s3).
    [A-G]: watching all seasons were a nice experience but you could go with any of them

    ▪️ New Journey To The West S8
    S4 magic is back, Saturdays have been filled with some crazy laughs, don’t want it to end but also hoping/looking forward a new season next year
    [A-G]: it’s a very good season, the no-English speaking games are gold !

    ▪️ Lee’s Kitchen Alone
    A spinoff of NJTTW I was looking forward but turned out painful to watch Lee SuGeun struggling in ep1&2
    When staff and even customers started to help, it became enjoyable ^^
    [A-G]: it’s available on Na PD’s Youtube channel, the format is short (15-20mn) perfect for an impromptu break

    ▪️ How Long Will You Make Me Dance With My Shoulders ? (aka “Cho Drunk show” for me)
    Another spinoff of NJTTW, wasn’t looking forward in particular but it was nice to watch it instead of starting another drama/show when I wasn’t in the mood for it 😅
    [A-G]: same comment as for Lee’s Kitchen Alone (even though “Cho Drunk show” is less funny)


      There is a season 8 of NJTTW?? WHAT?!? How did I miss this? S4 was one of the best, I need to watch this!!

      I enjoy it more when the whole group is together but because the episodes are short, I might try a couple of episode from Lee’s Kitchen!


    K-variety show 2/2
    ▪️ 3MAD in Gochang
    I only have 2 eps left. I loved this season, it confirmed again that this trio family is my favorite trio of 3MAD.
    Nam JooHyuk was a nice addition and I liked that he’s a dad-joke lover and even tried to make a few jokes.
    The ducklings then ducks and HaeJin’s dog were so cute, the dog’s love for ducks was hilarious.
    Also loved that this was different from an usual 3MAD season since they did work outside (and also eat outside).
    [A-G]: well this has became my fav’ season of 3MAD I’ve watched so far

    ▪️ 1n2d S4 (usual)
    Still enjoying watching that show every Monday evening, it’s my way to start the week ^^
    [A-G]: You already know it 😋

    ▪️ I live alone (usual)
    My show for the weekend,it got a bit outshined by NJTTW S8 lately 😅
    [A-G]: You already know it 😋

    ▪️ Folk Us (on going)
    My show on Friday evening : my way to start the weekend for the last 3 weeks.
    Got to know it and started it for the exact same reason as for SuperBand last year (see the common judge haha).
    There are no subs but I’m enjoying this show where they’re looking for the next folk singer 🙂
    There are well-known singers
    e.g. Cosmos Hippie (who made one of my fav’ ost from Cheese In The Trap)

    along with very talented unknown people
    [A-G]: you can check the performances on Mnet YT channel (it’s easier than watching a 1h15 ep every week 😅)


    ▪️ I, Myself
    After breaking up, the female lead learns how to live/accept the loneliness that comes with different life moments (eating on your own at a restaurant, spending celebrations alone, …).
    Overall, this slice-of-life drama wasn’t on a stellar quality but I really enjoyed that they tried to talk about loneliness in different forms.
    This might not be the best drama of the year, but I was glad to watch this singular drama 🙂.
    [A-G]: the theme isn’t the funniest out there but I liked their attempt to talk about it


    ▪️ Nigeru wa Haji da ga Yaku ni Tatsu (We Married as a Job)
    Loved that drama to pieces 🥰
    I like both leads, they had their shortcomings and their qualities.
    I could relate to both of them on different levels.
    Loved the rational perspective of marriage : destabilizing and refreshing
    my recommendation post about it
    [A-G]: your recent marriage might bring a new light to the drama experience 😅 (but it’s really a nice drama, don’t worry)


      This makes me curious! I haven’t watched Jdrama for ages now, might actually try this one!


        (maybe don’t watch it with him, I loved this drama but well it’s a J-drama , it’s particular sometimes ^^’)


    ▪️ Girlfriend
    This drama is a rom-com with many tropes, contract girlfriend and so on.
    I enjoyed this quite usual rom-com : there’s nothing groundbreaking but I was looking for a simple watch which would give some good laughs : and I was served 🙂.
    [A-G]: If you’re looking for a simple rom-com mindless watch (with its pros and cons(just ff them 😆)), this one is a good pick.

    ▪️ Twenty your life on
    I liked the slice-of-life vibe and pace of the drama.
    We followed four girls in their early 20s, roommates during university years.
    We saw them during that blurred period, when you have to face things as an adult and not as a teen anymore, making choices for an unknown future.
    Gotta admit among the four girls, I couldn’t relate to three of them, their hobbies and mentalities made me sigh or roll my eyes quite a few times 😅.
    However I was glad to see that all of them grew up by the end of the drama, knowing that failures and mistakes are a part of life and somehow you’ll get over it.
    While watching, I cared most for the finance girl (Xiao Guo), it was a refreshing take on the usual ”candy”.
    [A-G]: it’s a bit long drama, just watch another reco’

    ▪️ The Sleepless Princess
    Started after watching AvenueX video recommending this low budget drama perfect to decompress,
    kinda historical rom-com with lots of tropes but shot beautifully
    I caught up the airing eps and ending watching raw (subs were terrible so raw wasn’t that bad 😆)
    [A-G]: same comment as Girlfriend


    C-variety show
    ▪️ Great Escape S2
    The Chinese version of the escape game K-show. (The s1 isn’t subbed so I went straight to s2)
    Overall, the 5 members of s2 have good chemistry, complementary flaws and qualities 🙂 .
    I enjoyed a lot that show and was glad to see Deng Lun (Phoenix from Ashes of Love),
    Justin (Idol producer) and Guo Qi Lin (the ML’s step-brother in Joy of life, loved his character).
    One of the highlights of my 2020 would be to get to know that Deng Lun is such a scaredy cat 👌🤗😂
    [A-G]: you can watch it subbed on YT, one ep usually lasts 1h30 but it can go up to 2h15 😅


      Wow!!! Too long! LOL!

      Thank you for all the recommendations, Kudo! You know I really love it when I see the [A-G] tag! I’ve got all your recommendation pages bookmarked and I go back to them whenever I’m looking for a show!


3MAD in Gochang ep7
So HaeJin came with his cute dog Winter 😊
HaeJin’s rule when you don’t see the dog, just scream “andwae”😂


so the day wasn’t that bad but it wasn’t that good either

hey why not watch that video of Youth over Flowers Iceland

they were so random 🤣


    😂😂 This goes in my list of best variety videos. I was surprised JJS remained silent for that long but watching YOF Icelenad(I watched only 2,3 episodes) I knew he was rather silent in front of the two.


    😂😂 This goes in my list of best variety videos. I was surprised JJS remained silent for that long but watching YOF Icelenad(I watched only 2,3 episodes) I knew he was rather silent in front of the two.


Listened to some Younha playlists today 🙂

it’s also been a while I haven’t listened to her Viva La Vida cover

sharing her Rescue album below, I think it’s the most well-rounded one ^^