Drama recommendation – Hikaru no Go (Cdrama)

After seeing good reviews of the drama and knowing it’s based on a manga (haven’t read the manga but wanted to feel the manga vibes again), I started it earlier this month and enjoyed a LOT the ride it was 🥰.
Hikaru no Go is a mix of slice-of-life and youth drama with the game of Go as background.

There were many characters, with 3 being “main” Shi Guang, Chu Ying and Yu Liang. Among those three, there was 2 duos Shi Guang – Chu Ying and Shi Guang – Yu Liang.

Shi Guang was the lead, we saw him as a child then as a teen and young adult. We followed his journey in the world of Go with one of the strongest teacher Chu Ying.
He was immature, playful and boastful, but he also was a genuine friend, he grew up and started to understand his mom’s love and worries.

Chu Ying was such a colorful character. He was a good friend or a big brother, a good teacher/master, sometimes a parent figure with a proud smile on his face. He also could be a whining child or a moody one. One thing that didn’t change was this genuine love and passion for Go (though TV became a bias😂).

Yu Liang was the lonely one among those three. I was glad to see him interacting with other young players 🥺 and even more glad that he didn’t go the bad guy road, which could have been the case in any usual drama.

As much as I liked Shi Guang – Chu Ying duo, I knew it had to end one day. Shi Guang gained a lot of experiences and had the security of having a friend nearby 24/24, however imagining him talking loud to the air in public wasn’t that healthy.
There was also the fact that one day, he’d have to have his own signature game, walking on his own.

Shi Guang – Yu Liang duo : the twin stars of Go like a master said in the drama. Their rivalry/friendship/respect for each other was one of the highlights of the show. I was served as a fan with the last ep and the Pair Go/cohabitation situation 😆.
I can’t write about all the characters but there were family members, friends, rivals, person who inspires you, amazing teachers at the go club or at the temple (that other shameless teacher at school changing sides), …

Another highlight of the show were all those eyes filled with stars/hearts as characters talked about their passion the Go game 🤗. Some characters tried to become professional Go players, a tough competition to be able to live their passion.

Thank you show from the bottom of my heart : for the characters, for the storytelling, for making me laugh, cry and also for some throwbacks to the years around graduation or just my current situation with expectation vs reality pov.
Goodbye Chu Ying my fav’, goodbye Shi Guang & Yu Liang : Go isn’t played alone, shine bright dear twin stars 💫


    Ah!! I just finished this a few days ago too (after it stayed in my to watch list for months ><)!! So so lovely, my light during these past few dark days 🥺🙈


    What a beautiful review, Kudo! And so perfect. I love that you loved it! And I hope many more people do. It’s a story of such positivity and passion and joy and friendships and growing up, that a lot of people could do with in these times. Thank you for your post and your lovely gifs that made me relive my enjoyment of this show. ❤️❤️❤️


    Juck :tears: I see him in a different light now because of Hikaru No Go.


    I haven’t watched anything for months now but you make me want to watch this with your review!!!

    It sounds so heartwarming!