SISYPHUS ep 9: not to be a Killjoy, but the gate the dad couldn’t get to budge at full strength (he, the fit policeman), mom, dying from a stab wound to the gut, can push closed? And from outside only


    Drama rules!


    Sisyphus ep 10: (Dunno if this counts as a spoiler, so pls don’t read if you don’t wanna be spoiled)

    Whats-her-face is Agnes and came from the future as well. She was able to bring drugs that cause downloads (ie future selves) to disintegrate, but she wasn’t able to bring back the medication to cure her mama and has to beg for it from Sigma? Her mama that she’s willing to kill and torture and imprison people for, she didn’t think to bring back her mama’s cure? Or am I missing something here? What the hell is all this? And who allowed this TL of events?