Dramas Over Flowers listeners: We want to do both a blog post and a podcast episode on what makes something problematic in a K-drama—and how that affects our experience of a show. Send us your questions, issues you’d like us to highlight, and/or specific shows you’d like us to address. Reply/comment here, send us a DM, email us at dramasoverflowers@gmail.com, or record and send a voice memo which we’ll happily play on the episode. We’ll keep whatever level of anonymity you’d like.


    The lackluster second halves plus the lackluster endings. Also the forced happily ever after endings even when not needed. The endings issue is applicable to way too many shows, only a few writers know how to end a show well.


    Give me a while and I’ll probably think of more, but…

    Really problematic:
    Negative stereotypes of ethnic groups / races

    Kinda problematic:
    Wrist grab
    Forced kiss
    Trip kiss (but I’d give them a pass if someone chips a tooth)
    Boss/subordinate romances
    Those really short skirts on high school girls

    Childhood connections
    Forced happy endings & dull 2nd halves (as @wapz said above)
    Know-it-all male leads with fancy clothes &/or muscle cars (especially if they are speeding)
    Clumsy people dropping things
    People around the corner overhearing things
    People talking to themselves out loud


    Thanks for your responses @wapzy and @lordcobol!