Hi all! Here’s Part 1 of a series on Dramas Over Flowers where we discuss why representation matters, and cover depictions of race and LGBTQ+ identity specifically. We’re really excited to release this two-part series, which continues in our tradition of doing special episodes on topical issues, but also provided us with an opportunity to dive deep into things that are always on our mind, but which we don’t necessarily have the time to cover in-depth in our usual format. This topic is unfortunately ongoing, but fortunately always evolving, so of course there’s still much more that can be said, even though we talked ourselves hoarse! But we hope it provides a good starting point for more conversations, with our listeners and in the fandom.

You can find extended show notes here, with links to the articles we reference in the episode, quotes we didn’t have time to read out, and additional points from us that we forgot to mention during the recording. Thank you for sending us your feedback, and let us know what you think, what we missed, and what you wish we’d talked more about.