Here it is, the episode the Dramas Over Flowers crew waits all year for – the Year-End Yak! We bring you the second annual Goguma Awards, full of silly categories like Puppy of the Year and Wardrobe we like to steal, plus our personal top 3 K-dramas of 2020.

This is a particularly special one, because it’s got wonderful voice notes from listeners about their year in dramas too, which we thought would be a nice way to commemorate how much this community of drama lovers has meant to us – always, but especially in this brutal last year.

Find the full show notes, including all the dramas we discussed, here:


00:15:01 – Introducing the Goguma Awards!
00:20:41 – Best SFF Concept
00:30:30 – Biggest Waste
00:35:15 – Bad Start, Good Ending
00:36:42 – Stupid at the Last Second
00:44:47 – Racist Drama Most Vigorously Defended
00:45:39 – Best Comfort Drama
00:48:42 – Best Partners
00:56:36 – Best OTP That Wasn’t
01:03:20 – Puppy of the Year + Ajusshi of the Year
01:06:04 – Unni of the Year
01:07:16 – ACTUAL Puppy of the Year
01:11:24 – SECRET AWARD!
01:13:39 – Best Episode Endings
01:16:58 – Best Epilogues
01:23:08 – Best Wardrobe & Style
01:30:50 – Best Single OST
01:33:55 – The Ones That Made Us Laugh Until We Cried
01:36:50 – Most Quippy
01:43:03 – Best Watch Outside K-Dramaland
01:51:45 – Anisa’s Top 3
01:56:43 – Paroma’s Top 3
02:05:07 – Saya’s Top 3
02:11:48 – Final Words (and a riddle!)


    Thanks for sharing. Listening to it right now!!!


    I enjoyed this episode so much! There were a few things that really resonated with me – the idea of being seen (raised by KFG), a shared love of stories and the desire to discuss them within the community (I think you say this, Laica), as well as the significance of windows and mirrors (explained by Sana). I only discovered K-dramas this year, and in many ways, I’m still trying to make sense of how and why they’ve become such a big part of my life in such a short period of time. I suspect it has to do with those 3 ideas. Thank you so much – I’m very grateful that the K-drama community provides a further and deeper level of windows and mirrors.

    Also, I loved being able to put voices to names! :o)


      This is beautifully put, @dramadillo! I’m sure @saya and @festerfaster will agree with me when I say that the community around K-drama, and seeing ourselves and understanding others through that community, has been one of the biggest joys of this fandom. So glad to welcome you to it! 🙂


    Yay!! Thanks for sharing 🙂