This Spoiled Yak is a very special throwback to a drama that @saya, @festerfaster and I watched early in our K-drama journey, and still love to this day: You’re Beautiful. As an extra treat, my mom agreed to come talk to us about her experience watching this show recently. Join us as we relive the iconic love story between Go Mi-nam and Hwang Tae-kyung, and squee about how much we enjoyed it, and how well it holds up over a decade later. Hold tight to your pig-rabbits and dive in with us!

Be warned, there’s a spoiler for Hospital Playlist, which is marked in the time stamps below.


00:03:06 Ammi’s K-drama journey
00:09:16 The Music
00:12:24 Does it hold up?
00:22:17 The OTP
00:24:45 Hospital Playlist spoiler
00:25:27 Second Lead Shin-woo
00:39:29 Fiction imitates real life?
00:44:46 Separating the art from the artist
00:50:09 Representation matters & we are all flowers
00:54:59 The Hong Sisters
01:04:08 That ending time skip
01:13:28 Favorite Moments
01:23:33 Final Thoughts