It may be the first day of 2020, but we’ve got our last hurrah of 2019 still to share: The Year End Yak! We each share our favorite shows of the year, and inaugurate our First Annual Goguma Awards. (Goguma is Dramas Over Flowers’ yak, by the way – his name means Sweet Potato in Korean.) Check it out here.

Also, if you missed our 2010s Retrospectives, read Part 1 where we managed to come to a consensus about the best dramas in basically every category for the last decade (don’t ask how – there was a lot of texting involved), and Part 2 where we each performed the impossible task of choosing our top ten dramas of the 2010s. I refuse to go back and look at it again because I know I’ll change my mind for the fourth time.

Enjoy, and thanks for taking this drama journey with us! @saya, @festerfaster and I could never have gotten this far without y’all’s love, support and friendship. Happy New Year!