Hospital Playlist, ep 1.

Min-ha, woman, you a dish,along with being a competent doctor. You gone be alright and will get someone better than the weird dude with mommy issues.


    I felt so bad for her. I have nothing against Seok Hyung but she deserves a guy who reciprocates her feelings.


      And he did tell her. But this aspect is starting to have her question her job as a doctor and it shouldn’t be like that. The phone call thing was not that big of a deal and she was so deflated and I hated seeing her like that.


        From the patient’s perspective, it WAS a big deal. She was literally in the process of telling Min-Ah how uncomfortable being in this position (legs spread out wide, exposed and with a room full of people) , and bam! Min-Ah has a full fledged cellphone conversation “between this poor woman’s legs”!!!!
        I was SOOO puzzled, I could hardly believe this was happening for real. So yes, it’s not the end of the world, but I really felt so bad for the patient!


          I thought it was because the patient head that phone conversation and saw Min ha’s reaction.