Heirs: A Tale of Discord

It was sometime around three o’clock in the afternoon when the conversation turned, as it sometimes does, to db levels. I have no idea why we even monitor or care what our db level is but our antagonist, Al, is an enigmatic beast; choosing its victims and beneficiaries based on strange opaque ranking systems and it is sometimes a great sense of victory that comes with besting it.

Naturally @sicarius, whose obsession with this labyrinthian and byzantine system mirrors her interest in archaic languages – and who has spent much time in tracking the behaviours of Al in the hope of shedding light on its arbitrary and sometimes devastating decisions – produced some of her dusty data on the clear weighting differentiation between the fan wall and the recap pages.

Our baby Bea, @lugirl131415, the youngest maknae in our maknae line, expressed a wish to level up. And so we exchanged much mirth on the idea that we should park in one of the older, larger, but now abandoned recap threads and have a very strange, very geeky, very Discord party. We are strange but our crazy is our commonality and our combined strength. No one can touch us when we’re United in Weird.

This suggestion brought forth some others on the destination of our Drama Party – Healer! Heirs! – at which point Lee Tennant (that’s me) admitted the awful and terrible truth.

I have never seen Heirs.

So, after much incredulity, mocking and, yes, some envy – a lot of Beans also wish they’d never seen Heirs – it was decided.

Lee Tennant (that’s me) would watch an episode of Heirs a day (or more depending on the availability of the sustenance she would require for such an Odyssey i.e. shitloads of alcohol) and then we would comment in the recap section until it reached 1000 comments. With comments hovering near 700 for many episodes it was decided this would not be too difficult an undertaking and our Baby Bea would hopefully level up and discover the joys of running Errands for all eternity until you start to wonder if Errands are the scope of your entire life and running is all you’ll ever do.

Joining us for this endeavour is also my fellow glutton for punishment @katakawasabi and of course my partner in crime always, @egads. Also @ndlessjoie maybe? I am uncertain on this point.

If you’ve seen Heirs or even if you haven’t, feel free to either a) endure our crazy, just for now or b) join in!

We shall defeat Al AND Heirs, our antagonists two. Even if it kills us.

PS I believe @ndlessjoie is taking bets on how long I last and, let me say, I chose to type this up after two minutes so…

PPS Angst shower