Although I need to actually rewatch yesterday’s episode again with English subs to make sure I didn’t misunderstand half of the Korean that I heard…

…one thing that resonated with me was Song Ah’s emotions and the realisation she had when she discovered her feelings towards Joon Young, along with her brave confession. Props to Park Eun Bin for such a realistic portrayal of that emotional process because it really hit a spot in my heart and reminded me of something that I have personally experienced.

I don’t know about you guys, but I honestly feel that with age, it’s getting harder and harder to meet people, or at least genuine people. So when you do finally meet someone who somehow “gets” you, who shares the same ideals/thoughts…a person who makes you feel comfortable to be around…a person who allows you to be yourself…someone who also goes out their way to care for you and helps support your dreams…it’s hard not to catch feelings. But then when what was considered just a mere friendship turns into something more in your head, that’s when the inner turmoil begins.

All the “What if…” scenarios start running inside your mind. You get confused and keep reading into signs. You want to know more about them and feel like you are, but at the same time, you get frustrated because you don’t. You start getting insecure and unsure of yourself. You get jealous when you see them with other people. But deep down, you know you have no right to question any of it because you are “just a friend”. Song Ah telling Joon Young that she doesn’t want to be that kind of friend anymore made so much sense to me, because she also realised that she wanted more from their relationship. Also the scenes with Song Ah looking at the “read” message, worried about Joon Young and wanting to check up on him, typing a comment but only to delete it in the end, they were all so relatable and done countless times by me to the person I liked.

The line from Hae Na (the other intern) “If they really like you, you shouldn’t be confused.” I’ve heard this so many times from the people around me and I can only partially agree. To me, liking someone will always be a little daunting and confusing due to my own insecurities but maybe it is true and I’ve yet to meet the right person. For Song Ah, it is clear she lacks confidence in herself, because she’s always been belittled about her violin skills and her life choices. There is nothing wrong with going after your dreams, yet poor girl has to be put down by people around her, even her family. So her lack of confidence triggers the confusion on whether Joon Young and her are or can be a thing.

This brings us to the confession…and for anyone who has confessed to the person they like, you would know how nerve wracking that is which is why I always say, confessing is such a brave thing because it takes a lot of courage in doing so. From that scene, you can tell and feel all the struggles and conflicted emotions that Song Ah has. She might not know Joon Young as well as Jung Kyung (wish I didn’t have to mention her) or Hyun Ho, but there is a mutual understanding between them which is why they clicked, so I also think she understands the burden of her confession.

In real life, sadly my confessions have never worked out but I know at least I can be hopeful in knowing that our OTPs will eventually end up together. Bring on Monday.

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    Yes to everything. Park Eun-bin nailed the emotions from the moment JY called her name to the confession, I was with Song-ah every step of the way.


      Some people said the confession was too soon, whilst others said they had wished for Joon Young to confess first. I actually thought it was quite fitting that Song Ah did it when she did. I mean after ending her secret crush after all those years, I think she realises to not wait. She also seems to be the type that’s willing to take the risk, as she did say “I rather be hurt than be made a fool.” I think Joon Young’s sweet gestures made her confused about her own feelings and thereby making her feel like an idiot so she just went with it, knowing full well she might get rejected and hurt.


        Maybe, it was too soon. But I’m with you though. With her previous crush, she knew how it was gonna end but decided not to face it because friendship (2 friends) was involved and her memories with them. I really consider Song Ah as a risk taker, especially if she knows that her actions will only affect her. Taking violin and facing the criticisms from family, friends, profs basically everyone else. Which makes sense that she confessed, despite me wanting Joon-young to do it first.

        I love her and will cheer for her every step of the way!


          Yes I agree. Song Ah really isn’t as weak as people see her. I mean, it’s easy to just follow the social norms and do what everyone else is doing. But to go against the norm and pursue something that you have passion for whilst the world goes against you? That takes strength and our girl sure has it.

          Maybe we can hope for a double confession? Hahaha…it’s not about who did what first but more about them having mutual feelings. Song Ah confesses first, but perhaps Joon Young will be the first to take action on other things *cough cough*


          Let’s have our fingers crossed for some lighter and less Jung Kyung oriented scenes on Monday/Tuesday.


    “with age, it’s getting harder and harder to meet people, or at least genuine people”

    Truer words were never spoken. I’m in my 30s but the people around me have been my friends since elementary, high school, and univ. The new people I met here were mere acquaintances. People I occasionally meet because society states so. That’s also why I’m happier spending a lot of time online (in DB and elsewhere) because they’re people who “get” me and my love for dramas.


      I’m also in my 30s and as great as it is to meet new people or “putting myself out there”, it can actually get quite tedious and tiring, especially when people are clearly making small talk just for the sake of it. I also dislike how society states how we must be or tells us to fit into the norms, because as lovely it’s to see my friends and people around me getting married or having kids or starting their business…etc, that is not the path that I am on and I’m okay with it. If you’re happy with how you’re living your life, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. And like you said, you always have us Beanies to spend your happy days with ^ ^


    Ditto! I was so amazed how IRL Song-Ah’s been portrayed by Park Eun Bin! You said it. I’ve been there (maybe we all were) – reading signs from the other, doubting if ever the other party’s interested. Then insecurities come in – gosh! She.Nailed.It. <3
    That build-up for SA's confession was greatly done. She went from "OK-NO ITS NOT OK-OK FINE" is basically how we girls (yes, ladies if you wish πŸ˜‰ ) always felt whenever we had a hard time keeping to ourselves how we LIKE/LOVE the one. Rooting for this girl so much! And praying that when we, beanies, reached our time to confess, we'll do it like SA πŸ™‚


      hahahaha and hopefully we’ll get our own happy endings because at the end of the day, we are the main leads of our own life.