We’re officially heading into the final episodes now, are you guys ready? I’m your party planner and host, letseatcookies.

Just a brief reminder of our member list:

@kimbapnoonaCaptain of Brahmsie
@katakwasabiMarine Engineer
@choijunuMusic and Sounds Director
@ally-le Music Resource Manager
@wishfultokiMaster Piano Instructor
@acaciaMusical Caddy
@esther95Attendance Checker
@peachietimeCharacter Analysis Advisor
@fullmoonScene Analysis Expert
@earthnaTranslation Consultant
@neenerSupporting Translation Assistant
@kafiyah-belloLow Key Social Networker
@fatcat007Reaction Hype Master
@purplesheeshSpirit Warrior
@jingbeeLife Jacket Distributor
@hazelnutsTrusty First Aider
@pickleddragonPuddle Collector
@marcusnyc20The Piano Bar Manager
@skellyWine Steward
@yongsitalFood and Catering Manager
@pinklolipopVanilla Ice Cream Vendor
@juniebugFood Truck Vendor
@shichybotHandkerchief Seller
@javinneYoga and Wellbeing Coach
@jaelegantFitness Dance Instructor
@superwhopotterlockDetail Room Attendant
@carlybisekHidden Cupboard Organiser
@melovestageGrand Baby Shipper
@13infamyssGrand Baby Receiver
@csmithDeck Chair Distributor
@smaltwaltComplaints Manager
@ndlessjoieBoat of Doom Commander
@kdramabooCalligraphy Plaque Designer
@beesgiggleDesktop Wallpaper Maker

Members with pending roles:

@stberry, @lindag, @callie, @ayalynn123, @gem28, @kurama, @oldawyer, @mayhemf

In order to help us through the rest of the week, here’s the live broadcast of our lovely OTP from Kim Min Jae’s Instagram. They received a food truck from the fans of the drama and were thanking them, as well as explaining what was on the menu. If you Beanies are bored, feel free to spot all the cute moments and list them in the comments below.

Here’s to another week of waiting. Let’s prepare our hearts for the finale.