#2023RoundUp, Day 1
Female lead you will never forget

Although I have yet to finish Call it Love, there can be no question of which female lead who’ll live the longest in my mind, and that is Sim Woo-joo. This independent, aggressive, anxious mother-hen is one of the most complex and real heroines I’ve seen in any drama, not just this year.


    A most complex (for K-drama FL) character inhabited so well by the actress that it was difficult to believe that she was not real. Actually scratch that Woo-joo is as real as much as any one of us is. The former archer, prideful, humble, unassuming, stand out personality, revengeful, loving she lived each one of her contradictions as well as us and our own best friends. Never for a moment did we not feel her heart as large and all embracing as the sea of emotions roiling in her eyes.