Finally an honest kdrama – guess they can screw up space and science just as badly as everyone else.

I can believe LOCAL drought & water shortages, but those are water not going to cerain areas, not not water disappearing from the whole silly planet.

Their problems landing were a series of abominations. Do they expect billowing dust clouds in vacuum? Do they know the moon has lighter gravity even when you are hanging over a cliff? Do they know how fast you need to travel to get anywhere in space in a reasonable amount of time and what happens if you impact without rockets to slow you down? I may be extra sensitive about this garbage because my father was a rocket engineer and worked on the U. S. space program. I remember him telling me when I was a kid about problems getting early Moon probes to land softly. YMMV but I couldn’t stand it

(Silent Sea, ep 1)


    Yep. It wasn’t my favorite part of the series. Specially being the first episode. That would turn so many people off.