So I keep all my posts related to just Kdrama here, but taking an exception this time for a shoutout to the most amazing show I have watched in years now… Brooklyn Nine-Nine!
I have had it in my watch-list for years for now but never got the time to just sit down and watch. So this week I went ahead and pressed play (just for Andy Samberg) and MY OH MY!!! How did I miss this gem for years?! Where was I? Clearly hidden under the rock for sure!
I have been having bad days, weeks, months for a while now and to say this show have been such a source of comfort for the past week is just an understatement. I feel so grateful to this show for making me FEEL!…. making me so happy, and LOL on so many occasions that I have lost count. I cried tears of joy too… All in all… this show touched my heart and I can’t wait for the next season… The final season!

Though I am a bit bumped out knowing that Season 8 would be the last and I found this gem when towards its end, I am still glad I found it before it ended. Wish they have another 10 more seasons cause I could watch the 99 crew and their shenghanians forever! I could go on forever talking about what makes this show so great but I will keep that for later and place other! But just want to say, show you are really noice!