I got some time to watch dramas… And I am spending them rewatching Reply 1997.
I cant believe this drama is going to be 10 years old next year. Where did the time go? Feels like yesterday when I was so utterly bored with college work and thought of watching any drama that was airing to takes things of my mind… and then in no time finding myself hooked with their lives, laughing, crying and contemplating who the husband is with fellow fans on SNS.

This drama remains in the #1 spot of my favorite-dramas after all these times. And I know it will remain forever in that spot.
Do you Beanies have a drama which still makes you feel so good and content no matter how many times you have rewatched it? Like a drama which takes you back in time and you feel the happniess that you felt back then when you watched it for the first time? This drama is that for me.