I am just in a very bad drama slump lately!

There is so many dramas that I started watching but dropped that I had lost count at this point. The only drama I was able to finish off this year was Vincenzo and that also I struggled with the last 2 episodes.

DAYS, Law School, Taxi Driver, Run On, Uncanny Encounter and Memory (Both which I started in the beginning of the year) are a few… which I dropped in the middle.

It’s not just k-dramas but non-kdrama related series too… I tried to climb from this slump with Witcher and Money Heist but ended up stopping at 3 or 4 eps in. Same problem!

The only series which I finished was Falcon & Winter Soldier and this week the premiere ep of Loki which I loved more than I thought I could, looked very promising (hopefully I will stick around till the end for this one).

I think the second half of 2021 is going to be just the same… The only bright side in k-drama land is Hospital Playlist at this point for me. I have waited for it a whole year and I hope Season 2 wont disappoint me. *fingers crossed*


    I found a good balance between MCU and K-drama.
    Currently 2 for 2. Falcon and the Winter Soldier/Loki (MCU) and Vincenzo/Bossam (K-drama).
    Movies – Black Widow and Book of Fish.


    Sadly, I know how you feel! I’m in my biggest drama-slump, like, I just can’t get myself to watch anything, nothing seems interesting.

    I am excited for Hospital Playlist but I need to get myself out of this mood to actually be able to watch it or else I’m afraid I’ll drop that too!