Hello beanies… long time no see…

10 months of being away from dramaland and this was the first drama I watched this year but WOW… like wow…

I am so insanely in love with this Queen. I guess what I wanted and was looking for was THIS Queen. And what a Queen she is. Be it a mother, wife, grandmother, stepmother and the endless role she held, she was truly amazing to watch on screen. Truly a FL who transcended time!

P.S. Beanies, Please do recommend the drama you think was so far best in 2023. Would love to hear!


    Call It Love!!!


    Welcome back! ☺️

    I really enjoyed Trolley and Payback.
    I would recommend to avoid Crash Course in Romance (disappoinment of the year).

    And currently I’m enjoying The Secret Romantic Guesthouse and the new show My Perfect Stranger (if you’re a Back to the Future fan you’re definitely going to like it).