hi, I’m really not supposed to be here but I can’t believe that my wall does not have a single post about Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (along with many others but don’t worry, we’re going to get there someday (1D 😉 )); so these assignments can wait while I amend this tragedy.
For the past week or so, I have been focusing my attention upon stupid academic responsibilities. Frankly, they are even more boring than the last quarters of some (in my opinion) overrated dramas that I shall not name.
But that’s not the point. This was a matter between death from boredom and entertainment that could (spo.alert: it did) lead to potential procrastination. So knowing that risk, what does this drama fan do? Decided to put something in the background, of course! (This was the first mistake.)
So, I copied my list of completed dramas and pasted it into a Random Selection Generator (a brilliant resource for the forever indecisive me) and let it go wild. While it did exactly what it was supposed to do, I wasn’t satisfied with the choices because the timing of my mood was not right. That’s when I realized that WFKBJ is the perfect spring-and-almost-summer watch for me. (This was the second mistake.)
That was last night.
This afternoon, after the hours of tiresome exhilarating Zoom meetings, I finally got the chance to press play on the beloved first episode of WFKBJ. (This was the third mistake.)
And oh boy, oh, boy. I have really missed our SWAG~ Trio, Puppy-like Joon-young, and just everything? (Well, not the eye roll-inducing gymnasts but we can just ignore them.)

Just look at our soon-to-be-OTP!

Our lovely heroine, Kim Bok-Joo, being my spirit fictional character with her love for food and identical reaction to seeing people she knows in public:

Our Male Lead, Jung Joon-young being the cheeky and dramatic boy he is:

And how can I forget this iconic line?

I ended up doing no work. But It’s fine. I’ll just learn some disappearing skills from this fellow to hide from my teachers 🙂

So with that, since it’s pretty late now, I shall head to bed because this girl needs her eight-hours. (Oh, and I can now proudly say that these were not mistakes at all.)
Take care, my lovely beanies!

TLDR; I made gifs of WFKBJ 🙂


    Have a good morevening~


    Oh I thought you were just ignoring me, I’m glad to hear that you were ignoring everyone.

    Go study, Bea! You can do it! Bok-joo believes in you!


      Lol, yes. I deleted discord to stay focused about a week ago. Also, why the heck would I be ignoring you?!?!? Out of all people, you would not be the one I’ll be ignoring (that would be the annoying gymnasts)!

      If Mindy and Bok Joo says I can, then I will!
      Talk to you soon, Min~~*fingerhearts*


    👀 and we thought you were studying…


      Hahahaha, hi, Moon!
      To be fair, I had a pretty good streak until yesterday.
      And how could I resist giffing this show?? WFKBJ > Studying, always.
      I hope you’re well and we’ll catch up soon! *fingerhearts (man, I really miss Discord because it would be so much easier to put in that emoji)*


    SWAG ATTACK! Yasssss!


    I miss you bb! Hurry and finish all your pesky studying and come back to us!! ❤ How can I be a good shifu without my student!? 😭