@mindy, Minmin, Min~

Kyaaaa, where do I even start?
Logically, I should start from the beginning. Duh, Bea. *whacks self with a baguette*

On a certain Friday the 13th in October (I wonโ€™t specify what year lol), a Mindy was born into this world. She was destined for her husband, Lee Minki, and was to be loved by a myriad of beanies. This Mindy also is charMINg, illuMINating, heartwarMINg, gleaMINg, and has been blossoMINg into an amazing person. She throws some of the best watches and has impeccable taste…in music, dramas, and men. And just for funsies, Iโ€™ll state some of the obvious. She is smart, beautiful, kind, sweet, funny, and so much more.

So to uri Marvelous, Magnificent, Magical, Merry, Mighty, Meritorious, Mirific, Majestic, Miraculous, Mesmerizing Mindyโ€ฆ..Happy Birthday!~💛