Day 8.

Lately, I’ve bean thinking of you guys. I can’t expresso how much you guys bean to me. I be(a)lieve that meating this community is the best thing that has ever happened. Udon even know how thankful I am towards you guys for being such won(ton)derful friends and the raisin I randomly laugh about punny jokes or fruits in the middle of class (special shoutout to the discord beanies!). We taco about the most interesting subjects and I learn something new egg-ryday. Sometimes we are weird-doughs, and the next, we’re debating over language and writing systems. I hope that our friend-chips will never end because I’m shellfish and you guys are totally my jam. This is so cheesy, but y’all are truly grate. Olive you guys—pho real—from from head tomatoes.

Love , February~💛