That Zheng Shuang issue! I’m so shocked.


    It’s EVERYWHERE oh my goodness


      Have you read her response? It’s so vague. I only read the English translation so maybe it’s lost in translation? From what I understand, she only talked about how she didn’t violate any laws, right?


        I did, and the translation(s) is a quite accurate (I’m Chinese, so I was able to read and understand the original post before taking a look at the translation(s)…

        She basically didn’t clear anything, and yes—just like you say— just mentioned how she technically didn’t break any laws (as bringing in children from surrogacy done elsewhere isn’t illegal in China, but surrogacy itself is illegal in China). The trending hashtags on Weibo right now (besides the ones about Douyin Star Night) are all about this right now and most are in the lines if “I don’t understand”, “what did I just read”, etc.
        The main issue people are concerned about is whether or not she—and her parents, as heard in the recording—actually chose to abandon the 2 little ones, whether they’re actually biologically hers, and whether or not how she chose to handle the surrogacy really did break any laws. The 2 of them were supposed to attend a court session yesterday, in regards to the lawsuit she made against him last year (?) with her as the plaintiff suing him (the defendant) for fraud, but neither of them showed up, which isn’t surprising.

        As of this morning, some more bombs have dropped:
        – Infidelity rumours (actual claims??) have propped up, dragging some people down with the whole situation and forcing them to put out their own statements to distance themselves from this whole existing mess (poor Hou Ming Hao)
        – Prada has dropped Zheng Shuang as a spokeswoman and has taken all traces of her down from anything they’ve ever done with her
        – Zheng Shuang has also deleted all Prada related posts on her Weibo, and has unfollowed everyone except her dad
        – Zheng Shuang has also put out a very contradictory statement on her Weibo, which is making people wonder and worry about her mental stability even more (people have always been worried… this may be the last straw/breaking point)
        – Zheng Shuang’s dad put out a very retaliatory statement about Zhang Heng