Dong-chul’s scene at the victim’s house (you know which one!) is possibly the best physical comedy I’ve seen this year, and to top it off Tae-joo just had the most appropriate reaction shot to seeing his boss making a fool of himself. I’ve watched it so many times and it never ceased to be funny (and then felt a bit guilty for laughing over his pain). The comedy is so perfect.

And what about the kids sitting on the back of the truck who, like most of us, shipped Tae-joo and Dong-chul’s bromance? They were singing the Korean equivalent of the Kissing Song while looking at the duo, lol. The production team heard us and they sure are having a lot of fun growing the bromance, but this is only going to make the eventual separation, when Tae-joo returns to 2018, much more heart-breaking. I mean, does he really need to go back?


    Ikr? Does he really need to return to the time where he has no friend and no one is on his side? That would just be a doubly painful blow to him after the warmth of 1988.