Hello fellow Beanies – it’s been a while. I hope that all you dear Beanies are keeping well and staying safe. My thanks and prayers go out to the Beanies who are in the frontline, the essential services. In my little part of the world, I am helping out in what little ways I can, as I am sure Beanies around the world are also rallying support.
While I may have always dreamt and thought that staying home and watching dramas all day was fun – when it happens in real life – not so fun. It feels like Groundhog Day!!! I want to go back to work!
For now my primary job is to feed the hubby nutritous food – so says my buddies – because they say I am doing a public service (hubby is a doctor) LOL!! I don’t know about you guys, but after a while, the constant cooking and cleaning and washing gets rather dreary – hats off to my mother and all other full time Home Ministers!! What do I cook today is the single most mind boggling question that I have today, after the last 2 weeks – I’m running out of ideas!
Anyway – our restrictive movement order may now stretch to mid May – just thinking about it . . . . NO! Don’t think about it.
To all Beanies – stay home, mask up when you have to go out, sanitise, wash with soap and water and stay safe.