Liu Yuning covering “Dream of the dancing butterflies”, a classic song in Chinese music for its traditional melody and poetic lyrics borrowed from classic Chinese poems. (Translation in comment)


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    “Yesterday flowed like a water droplet rolling eastward
    Further and further away beyond my grasp
    Today infinite melancholy entangles my heart
    A sword unsheathed, slashing across the water
    cannot stop its rushing flow
    A glass of wine raised, to drown this sorrow
    but it only grows.

    A new wind at dawn blows in every corner of the world
    Isn’t it the laughter of one’s current flame’s
    that has always been ringing in his ears?
    Who would attend to the sound of
    someone from yesterday choking on tears?
    The word “love” comes with bitterness
    Does this question beg to be clarified?
    Or is feigning ignorance fine?
    Either understanding little, or knowing a lot
    still doesn’t mean knowing enough
    Just like that pair of dancing butterflies

    In those days of hardship
    Who can escape mortal misery?
    O dancing butterflies in a world of blooms and fragrance
    Survival in the mortal realm is in itself a miracle
    Why even dreams of soaring to the heavens?
    Isn’t it better to just immerse in a peaceful dream?”

    Music and lyrics by Huang An
    Translation by me.


      Wow, these lyrics are beautiful! Thank you 🙂

      I’m learning a lot about Chinese songs by watching the variety show OUR SONG. I don’t think I can come back to Western pop music after this. Actually, I was never a fan of mainstream pop: The lyrics are usually poor, the melody is boring and the rhythm is repetitive.


        Thank you so much! Now you’ve piqued my curiosity! I’ll definitely check out that variety show this weekend when I’ve got more time to really pay attention. I tuned out of mainstream pop a long time ago. The current songs just don’t click with me anymore! I’m happy I can get to know Korean songs and now Chinese songs through dramas. Some of them resonate with me so much and the lyrics are so beautiful!


          You’re welcome! Liu Yuning is in it too, so as self-proclaimed fangirls we have to watch it. 😆

          Here’s the link for Episodes 1-11 on YouTube (with subtitles):


            Oh yes!! A thousand times yes!! My ears pick up as soon as I hear his name haha 😂😂
            Thank you so much for the link! I will definitely check it out!


            Toki promoting Our Song, I see, I see 😏 , glad to see you’re enjoying it 😃


            @kudoran I am enjoying it immensely. I thought I would skip to the songs, but I ended up watching all the non-stage stuff too. My favourite part was the kart racing. It was an intense race between Liu Yuning and Xiao Zhan, but Zhou Shen was a lap behind, driving as slow as a turtle. He even went the wrong way.😂


            the kart part was so nice indeed 😀 !
            I liked how they described Zhou Shen as an elf in one ep (he’s a little elf joking around with an angel voice 🙂 )