Day 9 : Favourite Secondary Couple

I had to scratch my head for this one. There are plenty of second leads & secondary/supporting characters I’ve liked more than the leads, & some couples too which I liked more than the OTP, but I couldn’t think of any that I’d say are my favourites right off the bat.
__So I thought for a while & immediately Lee Elijah & Ryu Deok Hwan came to mind. They were so cute & their progression felt normal. Quite rom com style I must say 😅

The other couples I thought of were Lee Jae Wook & Scarlett from WWW and Yoon Ah Reum + Eun Tak Sem (So Joo Yeon as 4th year resident & Kim Min Jae as nurse) from Romantic Dr 2



    Yessss!! I forgot about them, Lee Elijah and RDH were fantastic in Miss Hammurabi.
    I loved them so, so, much.
    And I also forgot about Ahreum and Nurse Kim… so supercute together.


      It’s how I fell in love with Lee Elijah, can’t forget her now.
      Ah Reum & Nurse Kim even did Zico’s Any Song challenge – their chemistry is superb even without a script.


    The Lee Elijah & Ryu Deok Hwan couple was so so SO good!
    RDH had a lovely loveline in Labour Inspector Jo too, but it was so understated that it cannot be counted as a secondary couple.

    Ok now I remember he had a SUPER LOVELY secondary loveline in Faith too! He is just lovely, end of discussion!


    They are the cutest omg!