Inspired by @sicarius – because why not. I have more dramas I hate than love anyways. Love is ephemeral, hate is forever.

(This obviously does not include trashy dramas like Thrashy, TKEM, Born Again & Abyss of dramaland – why? Because I knew they’d be shit from the get go. Also doesn’t include my least fav from other languages)
P.S – Last 3 could potentially be interchanged with 12 others

I’m sure at least 4 of them will be highly controversial but here it goes :-

10% She Was Pretty
10% My Little Bride (yes I know its a movie but I hate it with a passion)
10% Hotel Del Luna
10% Because This Life Is Our First
10% Birth Of A Beauty
10% Radiant
10% Trashdal
10% My Absolute Boyfriend
10% About Time
10% Goblin