I wasn’t on db so I didn’t see the similar drama likes list thingy posts floating around. Hopefully it’s not too late & I wanted to do this soooo….

My favourite dramas which are not necessarily those I’ve rated highly or even rewatched. Yes I’m weird like that, no I don’t care 🙃

These are my favourite for now :-

10% Chicago Typewriter
10% While You Were Sleeping
10% Queen In-Hyun’s Man
10% Bloody Romance
10% Come & Hug Me
10% Put Your Head On My Shoulder
10% Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim S1
10% Just Between Lovers
10% Mystic Pop Up Bar
10% Kuzu No Honkai

If non kdramas don’t count, then alternatively
10% Temperature Of Love
10% Encounter
10% Hospital Playlist