30 Day Drama Challenge, Day 7

Worst (N)OTP:

Yoon Jin-ah & Seo Joon-heePretty Noona Who buys me Food/Something in the Rain

Agreed, it started great. They were awesome and they were sizzling. And somewhere in the middle of the drama, they started driving me crazy with their immaturity, their lack of trust, disrespect, not communicating etc etc.. It was a pothole of relationship problems. You think it will get addressed, things will get resolved, things will get better and the characters will show growth. Nope. You are just losing hair. Then, We have the time jump and she is dating a prick. Great! Honestly, I don’t remember much and am glad. All I know is these two should have never gotten together.

p.s. Am not going to add a picture, because it may bring back memories and it’s a memory I want to be erased.


    Kudos to you for actually finishing it blue! The moment her mother got in between her personal life, I was like I’m out. This drama spelled trouble😵

    sometimes it’s hard… to be a woman…..


    I dropped this one in episode 7 or 8.
    I hated the her family and all her issues regarding dating a “non fit” one.
    And even if I liked them together, it is not that I believed them as a couple. They had this crush and nothing more.