30 Day Drama Challenge, Day 10 & 11

Best Kiss:
– Marriage Contract

To me this was a kiss that was filled with so much meaning. Their contract was ending. He was letting her go promising that he will pay the balance amount. They had just spent the last few days feeling like ‘family’. They both realised what they would miss in their life without the other person. They were torn by the thought that this was ending. It was a beautiful scene – as she held on to his hands a little longer and the way he looked at her with hope and longing, and the way she kissed his cheeks with gratitude and sadness. He kisses her. And looks at her. They both kneew what they wanted. There were no words required. They kiss.

p.s. Sorry, I couldnt find any video with subs. But I think you can still get the ‘feels’

Worst Kiss:
– Love O2O

I have to agree with @trinpie and @maybemaknae that the ‘wall kiss’ was one of the worst. I don’t want to add any visuals to my wall!