Day 14: In black

With gratitude to @flyingcolours for making this beautiful gif

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    Me thinking: “That looks familiar, but the colours are a lot crisper that what I usually get!”
    So, I went back to my giphy account, just to doublecheck. But, nope, that not mine, it’s from letsflytoasiarenata, I shared their post from Tumblr.

    Anyway,Mei, I really appreciate it that you gave credit for your repost! My gifs are just some screencaps I run through giphy, in average it takes me 2 minutes to make one. And I actually feel happy if anyone reposts them, don’t care about authorship, only about spreading the love for dramas and actors! But some of the beautiful gifs that get posted are a work of love – people run them through photoshop and whatever super-pro program and it takes them hours to get them just right. I love the work of some of these people, and they deserve credit for their artistry!


      Oh, thanks for clearing that up! I’m not as skillful when it comes to things like this and so I really do appreciate everyone’s work that comes into it. 😊