Alright. I finally cleared Hymn of Death from my watchlist. I loved it from the start till the end. The BGM fits perfectly and I absolutely loved the OST in this post. I do think the OST while they were on the beach is a little off tho. But it was just a short while so it’s okay.

Ethics aside ahem infidelity cough. The filial piety message is very strong here. The Asian culture is very evident in this. Getting married, taking over the company, feeding your family as the eldest child, just for the sake of your parents. No wonder both were sooo burdened by it. My heart got heavier in the last episode. We could clearly saw the bitter smiles the leads had and why it ended that way.

Onto the heavier topic. Not that I am trying to normalise it. Infidelity these days are a huge no. But keeping in mind that it’s the 1920s, Asian culture. Women are still considered as “things” they get married for the sake of serving their husbands. Not for love. Hence I could see why Woojin did that. However, if it’s set in the current time, then it’s a big nono in my books.

I seldom start on something so heavy but like I’ve said, I absolutely loved this work. More so probably due to the real-life events and history behind it.


    I had a hard time with this one. I found it unbearably sad.


      Ugh it was… and it lingers….


        I had a hard time with it too, as in that it was soo sad. But they were so great in their roles that I guess it hit harder because of both of them.