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    Hyena was one of the best shows I have ever watched… until the finale. The two last episodes were all over the place and too rushed.

    The assault scene felt weird and contrived, the scene were GJ leans on HJ’s shoulder was completely out of character, and she was out of bandages in two days. So contrived.

    HJ’s father’s trial was just some random sentences and close-ups.

    The investigations about Lawyer Song were quite jumbled and the reveal that he was actually the murderer not only felt like a last minute decision but was only shown in a quick flashback. I don’t understand why they felt the need to waste screentime for going and threatening both Lawyer Song and Mr Seo when they could instead show all of the team sitting at their table and having their usual fiery discussions and interpretations about the investigation.

    Inviting Lawyer Bu felt quite pointless. They didn’t give her HJ’s father’s case like they said they would and she seemed quite clueless about what they actually wanted to do. I would have much prefered if she had just decided to join them like the others.

    There was also none of the directorial flairs that made every comedic, or dramatic, or romantic scene quite thrilling before.

    And worse of all, they seemed to be so rushed that they completely forgot about their ost!! The on point background music was one of the highlights of the show and it was completely ignored or forgotten at last minute.

    Things I still loved nevertheless:

    The fantastic hotel shenanigans.
    When Laywer Song came to see HJ.
    When Laywer Ga came to see HJ.
    The watch PPL. HA. That was ppl nicely done!
    GJ burning Kevin.
    Not showing Lawyer Song’s trial. I only wanted to see the result and I did. This show was always about the process not the trial.
    GJ not giving in to love until the end. The GJ that we have come to know would never just say yes to HJ. She will probably keep snobbing him until one day she suddenly decides to seduce him again.

    I will rewatch this show very soon and will probably ff through the two last episodes to make it one of the best shows ever again.

    And a p.s. to all the people disappointed that there were no kisses. We are in the middle of a global pandemic, remember?


      Aieeeee, you’re right. I wasn’t thinking about the virus at all when I was mad that we got no more kisses! 🤣