I have finished Room No. 9. It was much much better than I hoped. Not spectacular but definitely well-done.

I loved that the story went at break-neck speed, secrets constantly being blown left and right, mostly everybody being on the same level of knowing what is going on, and making you jump every 15 minutes.
Some of the plot-twists wouldn’t probably have been this effective had I watched it live and had had time for theorizing and connecting dots, but I didn’t, and loved being surprised and startled constantly.

It had lots of strong female characters, non of them the perfectly white stereotype female, and I appreciated that all those black suited men we always have giving advice to the big baddie actually had actual faces and back-stories and motivations.

The last two episodes were the tamest ones in term of excitement and surprises but I was quite ok with it. It felt very real for the leads to be drained and just want to finish it.

I LOVED that for once Kim Jae Hwa was allowed to have a role that let her wear nice clothes and be an actually wise and smart woman. I LOVED Oh Dae Hwan’s role, it is not easy to give me sls when KYK is the lead but he alllllmost did, allllllllmost!