May day #18 SLS (on the comment’s reply below because I can’t figure out how to write more than 200 characters haha)


    She Was Pretty – It must the the only Park Seo Joon drama that I wished he didn’t get the girl. Choi Siwon was witty and hilarious and had a great chemistry with Hwang Jun Eun. Park Seo Joon was just lukewarm next to him…

    Heirs –The show itself was a trainwreck, but I was still rooting for Choi Young-Do to get the girl, because he was somehow less of an ass than Kim Tan (sorry LMH fans, KWB ftw)

    Sungkyunkwan Scandal – Geol Oh all the way.

    Itaewon Class- It wasn’t really a case of SLS because honestly I didn’t care enough for the characters or the show past ep. 8 but Soo-a felt more real, despite all of her flaws and I could see her connection to Sae-Ro-Yi. Never warmed up to Ye-seo.


      If you cant to write more than 200 characters, just write somewhere else, and then copy and paste in your wall.


      The Heirs was my introduction to Kim Woo Bin and I honestly love him so much.