Lee Joo Young&Lee Seo Jin are in talks to lead upcoming OCN political thriller drama ‘Times’ along with Kim Young Chul.It’s expected to air in Jan, 2021


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    “Times” is a political thriller about a woman in 2020, who can make a phone call to the past, and a man in 2015, who team up to save the assassinated president.

    Lee Joo Young plays a woman in the year 2020 who connects with a man in the year 2015 through a telephone connection, to rescue a murdered president. She will play Seo Jung-in who is a journalist and the president Seo Ki-tae(Kim Young Chul)’s daughter.

    Lee Seo Jin will act as a journalist Lee Jin-woo whose interest is to reveal the ugly faces of powerful people.

    Kim Young Chul will play the president role.