Sohn Seok-gu has been offered a part in the new drama written by Park Hae-young, who wrote My Ajusshi!!!!!

So, a rundown of what we know so far:

Working Title: Romance Gourmet My Liberation Diary

Writer: Park Hae-young (My Ajusshi, Another Oh Hae-young)

Director: Kim Seok-yoon (Law School, The Light in Your Eyes, This Week My Wife Will Have an Affair, Awl)

Offers out to: Lee Min-ki, Kim Ji-won, Sohn Seok-gu

Description: A “human drama” (the same phrase used for My Ajusshi, ha) about 3 siblings named Chang-hee, Ki-jeong, and Mi-jeong. SSG is offered the role of a mysterious man named Mr. Gu.

Channel: JTBC

When?: Supposedly planning to start filming this summer to air in early 2022

Not a ton of info, I know, but I can’t help but be excited! I’ll be crushed if this doesn’t happen!

The title change is pretty different! I thought it would be a romance drama but maybe LMK and KJW (if they confirm) will actually be siblings. My thirsty self is lowkey disappointed, half of me is like “being in a variety of dramas is good for LMK’s career” and the other half is “oh god why can’t he just always be in romances and make me swoon doesn’t he know that’s his only purpose in life”. And these two were so cute when promoting Detective K, I really want to see them as a couple! Oh well. I’m sure I’ll enjoy whatever this writer has in store for us.

I think Sohn Seok-gu is fantastic and brings something totally unique to his roles even though he’s never a lead, so I’m begging, begging, begging the dramagods that all 3 of them confirm!

Let’s hope that finally, a drama I look forward to ends up being great! 🤞

Looks like the only SSG gifs I have are from the Mother BTS clips–loved seeing him be so cute with Heo Yool despite his villainous character!


    Yes! Sohn Seok-gu is awesome.

    I think if LMK and KJW were going to decline we’d hear about offers going out to others. Fingers crossed.


    They won’t be a couple? *sad noises*

    But yeah, a non-romance centric role would be good for LMK. So I’m happy for his career, even when it comes at the sacrifice of my rom-com loving heart.

    Anything that washes the stain of Lovestruck in the City is excellent for KJW.


      I’m just making assumptions because the little we know about the plot says it’s about 3 siblings, but it could be that one of them isn’t one of the siblings and they’ll have a loveline!! I’m just prepared to be disappointed, lol. Considering the first working title had “romance” in the name, maybe I’m wrong!

      I’ve actually been itching for him to do something a bit melo/serious without being dark and bloody (sigh, The Lies Within), so if this is tonally similar to My Ajusshi I think that’d be great!

      Kim Ji-won has gone too long without a project that truly lets her shine. Really hope she gets something great here!


      Well, in My Mister two brothers had a love interests. They will probably do the same thing here with Lee Min Ki’s character.


    Give me Sohn Seok-gu or give me death!


    Omo, omo, omo! I need more Sohn Seok-gu on my screen. He’s amazing in the same way I find Lee Sun-kyun, so I’d love to see what the creators of My Mister could do with him! I’m going to be so disappointed if this doesn’t happen.


      Anything with SSG is good in my book – we need to see him more.


    hi Mindy, i think good news will come soon, maybe after my ladylord drama finish its airing time. lee minki+kim jiwon+son sukku are my faves, triple combo. can we set high expectation again this time. this is good guarantee with pd and writer onboard, right! Lee minki fighting!