So I finished watching Extracurricular and…. I really liked it. It was dark, violent, and no redemption arcs, but bitterly funny. You could see The End of the F***ing World’s influence on this – down to the very last scene. It wasn’t a perfect show though. For someone as smart as Jisoo and Gyuri were made out to be, they made exceedingly stupid decisions as the show progresses – but then again, they’re teenagers and that’s what teenagers do, so it was utterly real in that way.

This one really used the Netflix advantage to tell the story it really wanted to – warts and all, without having to wrap it all up in a pretty pink bow at the end. *cough Sky Castle cough*

Watching this also made think about the kinds of shows that streaming services allowed to mushroom in India. Shows with subjects that are rarely, if ever seen on mainstream television or film and the kind of no-holds-barred treatment that it can give those stories (even if they are terribly made).

The K-dramas that we all love and follow are, for the most part, the ones that were made for cable or public television broadcasts and so forced to work within certain conventions. I’m really curious about the wave of Extracurricular-like shows that may come out of Korea and just how much of that “K-drama”ness about them they’ll have.

Have any other beanies finished watching this? What did you all think?


    I hadn’t thought of it before but this drama does remind me of The End of the F***ing World.

    I really liked it too. Definitely the best k-drama Netflix has made to date IMO and just a good drama, period. The acting was really good, especially from a pretty green cast. I liked that being on Netflix allowed them to tell a darker story and to show teenagers doing things like swearing, smoking and you know, sex trafficking.

    I have a feeling a lot of people won’t like the ending, but I loved it. I want it to be an open ending and not a cliffhanger to Season 2 because there’s just no good way for that to go.


      Yeah, I would have gotten severe whiplash had they done anything else with the ending!
      I’ve seen some folks clamoring for a second season because they *want* the ending to be a cliffhanger and I’m….. really not on board with that. We just might get a Season 2 from Gyuri’s POV and a new story though if they follow The End of the F***ing World.