I decided to shelve Mr. Sunshine. It is getting too slow, the righteous army plots that is. Seems to me writer nim is more concern in developing the love story than the context of what happened then.


    I agree with you. I dropped it after 3 episodes. I also found the plot too slow, especially lasting for 24 episodes. And I HATE love triangles, here it’s about love pentagon. Too much time will be devoted to the characters pining for their love.


      True… it seems that is how it is going for now… and for all three to fight for joseon mainly because of their love for AS is just, weak? I would want to fight for my country because of my own conscience and not because it is inspired by the person I happened to have feelings for. E.g. My life in country may not be all colourful but because it is my country, I may decide to protect it in my own accord. Much more satisfying even if I die in the end.

      Even I am not sure AS understands what is she fighting for. Justice and fairness to all Joseon people regardless of class or just freedom for Joseon while at the same time maintaining the divide of classes. I am still having problems relating to the plot/characters and the inconsistencies don’t help either, though the actings are great by all actors n actresses.