Day 13 – Drama beanies loved but I didn’t / Drama I loved but beanies didn’t

The drama Beanies loved but I didn’t is Dali and Gamjatang. I dropped it after eight episodes. I really liked Park Gyu-young as Dali, but the romance didn’t work for me and the secondary characters were some of the most annoyingly one-dimensional I’ve seen in a long time.

The drama I loved but Beanies didn’t is Squid Game. Maybe it is overrated and predictable and there are superior versions of the survival game concept out there, but I was thoroughly entertained and really cared about the characters.


    Same here. Dropped Dali on ep 12, could not care less about the plot or even the romance.
    I liked squid Game too. The only reason I did not put it in this category was because some beanies did like it.


    I liked SG too. More than the story – most twists didn’t surprise me, and the cop’s story just had too many holes – I liked the production design, and how slick everything was. It’s good, but still found it overrated. But maybe I’m just bit catty because I’ve been recommending better dramas to friends and family for years and they only bothered to watch SG because of the hype 😂