Nobody Knows is one of those shows whose characters feel like dear, dear friends. Not only have I watched them grow like a proud parent, I’ve also grown alongside them. I’m so, so sad to say goodbye, but I’m also so happy for the lives they’ll continue to lead from now on. This story hit home for me in several surprising ways, and I can only hope that I’ll be able to be a Cha Young-jin or a Detective Hwang in someone’s life. May we all be the person our younger selves needed.


    You know I can’t say I enjoyed the final two episodes. It was just too flashback heavy and spent too long on characters I don’t care about. But somehow when the whole thing climaxed it just felt so… right… in a fundamental way. It never forgot what its story was about even as it seemed to be struggling to fill the 16 hours. The feeling I got at the end is just so satiated. I’m so glad I watched this drama.


      There was definitely filler these last few weeks, but I agree — the conclusion was so satisfying I don’t care much about the few complaints I might have had.