Uri Beanie-made drama🎬
@egads (In charge of tropes📺)
@hotcocoagirl (Makes characters who are friends engage in shenanigans and general buffoonery👯)
@isthatacorner (Our resident PPL coordinator🛒)
@leetennant (Has characters make snarky, almost self-aware comments about how badly made the drama is🤭)
@ally-le (Oversees heartwarming personal and relational growth👪)
@ndlessjoie (Time jump preventer. Studying abroad? Not in this drama⏳)
@bammsie (In charge of naming the drama📝)
Also if y’all could tell me what the plot is that’d be great because I have no idea.

Casting directors:
@oppafangirl (You also wanted to be a wrist grab remover but I don’t know if I trust you.😂)
@raonah (In charge of idol cameos🎤)
@greenfields (Kittens and doggos 🐶)

@justme (of both the drama and the BTS documentary of fangirls who try to make a drama and fail spectacularly. Out this summer in a cinema near you.🎥)

Location manager:
@anothernicole (First dates, MTs and romantic rendezvouz🏝️)

@katakwasabi (Also in charge of making GIFs!🎞️)

The following posts are still open to any Beanies who wanna get involved in this nonsensical endeavour:
-Plot hole filler
-Plot twist facilitator (is sincerely tod available?)
-Quirky stuffed animal designer