There’s still a little bit left of Day 7 so here are 7 little memories from when I was little that always make me smile a lot (not a little)

Watching Murder, She Wrote with you before bedtime. I still get a cozy feeling hearing the theme music

Carrying me on your shoulders and bumping into things just to make me laugh

We never got along well as kids, but you’d always help me make the most impressive pillow forts

Hiding coins under the cushions for me to find when we came over for breakfast on Sundays

When I tossed my stuffed Cookie Monster into the pool and, instead of yelling at me, you laughed and threw it at Pop

The stories you’d always tell me, especially about your cat, Marshmallow, and the time she got stuck in the coal bin

I was so young when you got sick and don’t remember the time we spent together, but my parents always tell me how much you loved me and I hope you know I love you that much too

Love, February