After numerous suggestions and attempts finally got hubby to watch a Kdrama with me. Yay! All thanks to Memories of Alhambra.


    teach me your ways, master.


      Repetitive suggestion? Covert brainwashing? Patience? :p

      I think the real key was choosing the right drama. My previous attempts in the last couple of years (since Liar Game really – so 4 years) all had failed. I got him to watch the first episode of Mr Sunshine with the excuse of watching that high production quality on large screen but he got bored with episode one. (He had agreed to give it a shot for one episode). Lessons learned: Find a drama in his area of interest that captures attention in episode 1, no slow starters and no historicals.

      I kept talking about the story in Alhambra. My husband watches all sorts of sci-fi. I think he was out of things to watch and bored and in his desperation decided to give it a shot after making me wait for 4 weeks 🙂 Now he is constantly developing theories and yesterday said while watching an episode “Americans should remake this!”

      Let’s see if my success can be repeated… Circle is next on my list.