While everyone is everywhere writing poetry, me who has forgotten how to english will simply submit my top 10 dramas of all time in no particular order…(because cuting 114 down to 10 already hurts)


    i love your list and really curious to know the whole 114 drama list and their ratings.
    are you on mydramalist ??


    Today I counted and It’s at 114 completed dramas, beginning to end. (No doubt minus a few boring office politics scenes) As for unfinished dramas, ones where I’ve watched a few eps and then dropped them or resorted to DB for the endings theres 56. Currently watching Suits, My Ajusshi and A Poem A Day. I highly anticipate them knocking 1or 2 off my top ten by the time their done. 😄


    I love Top 10 Posts. They are so painful to create though… mine would be, in no particular order:

    1) School 2013
    2) Misaeng
    3) Healer
    4) Jumong
    5) Chuno
    6) Chief Kim
    7) You’re Beautiful
    8) Flower Boy Next Door
    9) Gaksital
    10) Chicago Typewriter

    Unless they ruin it I can foresee A Poem A Day winning a spot on my list.


      Our lists are so different but I agree with your choices so much! Haha it just shows, theres so many good dramas out there, its interesting to see what stands out for each of us


    Seeing your list makes me want reviewing mine (I had to update it from last year).
    – loved it from beginning to the end
    – have watched it many times (episodes and moments) and would still watch it today
    – have strongly recommanded it to anyone who would listen.

    No particular order:
    – City Hunter
    – Healer
    – Shut up flower boy band
    – Signal
    – Witch’s romance
    – Strong woman Do Bong Soon
    – Legend
    – Queen In Hyun’s man
    – I hear your voice
    – Forest of Secrets
    – 3 musketeers.

    Great, now I want to watch them all again! 😀