This finale was too friggin’ cute for words. I’m really going to miss those subtle details in dialogue/directed expressions!! KS totally overheard Mi-rae having her little squee sesh. A-dorable! 💖


    Mirae is so me the entire series. I can’t. So that’s how I look like spazzing on bed.


    Things to love:

    – KS apologising for surprising her NOT kissing her
    – KS bedroom eyes/voice, lol he was totally game when MR asked if they “should sleep now?”
    – How KS politely knocked to see if MR was awake to answer her parent’s call – top marks for privacy!! He doesn’t take it as his cue to just barge in!! Well done, lad!
    – MR’s parents were HILARIOUS – Dad’s remark bout there being CCTV and and KS’s post reaction was priceless
    – MR’s mum fangirling over MR’s boyfriend lol
    – Their bus ride to school – I usually find the whole lay your head on my shoulder super awkward in dramas, but it looked so natural with these two! <3
    – MR & KS going to SA's rescue, but still hating on her. She was definitely past the point of sympathy, but they did was was right. The way they parted with SA's character was reasonable too. Really liked it.
    – KS's dad getting served by his former sidekick, and then later his ex-wife lol.
    – Tae-hee ending it with trash formally and without regret.
    – Eun!! Just loved everything about her character!
    – KS calling to pick MR up – too adorable
    – WY sunbae and his closure – like that he remained significant right till the very end. Show didn't just forget about him
    – The actress who played SA – great acting from her this episode especially.
    – When MR let out all that steam and told SA it's like talking to a brick wall
    – KS & MR dating openly in class
    – the fact that KS & MR communicate every step of the way, and off screen too – lol when he told everyone he'd make sure not to kiss her in class was his way of being nice/opening up to people as he promised he would to MR
    – KS's "i'm taken" ID LOL
    – KS sitting next to MR in class – puppy follows her everywhere!
    – KS's birthday party and his pissy mood prior to it thinking she'd forgotten
    – That second backhug and adorable smooches!!
    – Him giving her a heads up of wanting to propose sometime in the future lol
    – their couple tees!!

    Ahh, seriously too much too love!! So glad I caught this drama in live mode. It made it doubly fun to watch! Looking forward to one final squee sesh!!


      Ooo, I forgot MR singing him Happy Birthday, and him protesting against it – SO CUTE!


      You are so spot on!!

      I really do think DSK likes her more: it’s like he needs her to breath ( but in a good, healthy way lol). He’s just so happy to hear her man and I can’t get over how much he wants to announce it to everyone hehehhe


        Kyungsuk is just more expressive with his feelings. If he didn’t then both of them are doomed bottling this all in. But like Mirae said to Eun, they equally love each other. Mirae initiated the matching hoodie! She loves him enough to wear cheesy things like this in public, displaying their affection. Something she would never ever dreamed of doing before – be the centre of attention.

        I really love this reversal in the drama. Usually it’s the male lead who are not into showing off affection and it’s the girl who does everything in the relationship.


          She definitely became a lot more confident in initiating skinship & affection!! Really proves her point about not easily being intimidated – love that it was her friendship and then later romance with DKS which brought her out of her shell.


          Really good points!

          Yes! It was so refreshing to see a taciturn male lead actually be the one that wants to openly show affection 😀


      OMG TT_____TT This is everything.

      -I totally love that “should we sleep now” scene. I`m still dying. And the fact that it took every ounce of Kyungsuk to reply “What?” and his voice still shook. Like OMG.

      And when she came out, he got up immediately all alert. LOL. Like what were you thinking she came out for??!!!

      -That CCTV was so epic. I died. How many times did I die??? Kyungsuk couldn’t sleep from spazzing internally, but he was knocked out after going nuts about where tf that CCTV is in the house. LOL. And then when Mirae confirmed that there was no CCTV, he asked for more minutes to sleep. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAAH He just lost 10 years of his life right there

      -I forgot I didn’t even wish Kyungsuk a happy birthday yesterday! I was too busy crying and spazzing! Happy belated birthday Kyungsuk! Seeing your date by that amazing mountain view, I knew you had a blast!


        Is the mountain view the very same one from the first episode!? If so, that’s such an awesome bit of detail. LOL forgot the bit where she came out of her room the second time, and how he totally flailed about as a result. Seriously, his mind wandered one too many times in this final episode.