Waikiki’s preview for final episode…be prepared for some angst, they of course saved Sol’s appa/Yoon Ah’s backstory for the end. Should I even be surprised?!😅 Poor Dong Gu, another hurdle to overcome (Yoon Ah doesn’t look very pleased either)
I wish nothing but a happy ending for the three couples! Please give me that, writer-nim (this and a lot of laughs)
Lastly, I kept on repeating the preview (don’t judge me😂) and I took a screenshot of whom I assume is Sol’s father (guy on the far right/side profile). He does look familiar but I can’t seem to put a name to his face🤔…Any help is welcome😉


    Ok, watched final episode’s preview with eng subs and I swear, I’m so aggravated! This guy (Sol’s father) thinks he can waltz back into her life like nothing happened. I just can’t! You abandoned them Sir, you have no right to ask her to take you back. Period.