I like this side of Mo-gun that we are getting to know. I like that the writer is exploring adoption in the context of South Korea since it seems such a taboo issue there.


    I really felt for Mo-Gun when he saw what his birth mother had him saved as on her phone. I was expecting the ‘Park Mo-Gun’, but that ‘student’ attached to it was just so impersonal. I would be so hurt if I were in his place. I can’t imagine the conflict occurring in the mind of someone who’s been adopted…so many things…


      Maybe it would make more sense if you think he was born in the early 90s and single moms weren’t all that acceptable at that time. So now, even though they have made contact, she still can’t acknowledge publicly that she had a son out of wedlock at 21. This is probably why she didn’t note him as her son.

      No one else knows of her “shame”… sad – but it happens all the time.